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  1. 1. Try deleting/emptying TEMP file folder.

    2. Try copying the contents of the installation disc to say desktop in a folder and then try installing from that folder.



    Hi Guys


    Problem eventually solved. Your last input was successful. Emptied Temp folder, Copied disc contents to Desktop. T/after carried out nstructions for Clean Install Instructions.

    Installed using the exe file from withing the folder. Installation completed without any bother. It was noticeably quicker than when using the disc.


    My apologies for being such a nuisance and thanks for saving me the expense of having to possibly turning to NERO




  2. Hi Xonkie,


    I tidied the thread up a bit, and removed the serial number from your post - hope you don't mind :)


    It looks to me that you have a Dell OEM version that's been split off from EMC 10.0 and updated from there, since it's showing an SP1 in the version number, and "DLP" in the build number. Is yours a Dell version?


    I think that the installer takes notice of the region settings in some cases, though I haven't been able to sort out its behavior yet. It's even harder when there's an OEM version in the mix. If you have Vista on one machine and XP on the other that could account for differences since we've noticed the installers behave differently between operating systems.


    So yes, I think the installer has acted on some of the region settings but I don't know what rules it's supposed to follow, or how to make it do what WE want.

    The retail EMC 10.0 and 10.1 have language selectors, but if yours is an OEM version and has had a Service Pack applied, I don't know what it's supposed to do.


    I'm sorry, since I like to be able to give complete answers, but if yours is an OEM version you might have to approach the people who supplied it to get more answers from them.


    Best regards,




    Hi Brendon


    Your comments taken on board.

    Decided to have another go at installing from scratch and proceeded to use instructions for clean install.

    Had a surprise in that the installation instructions were in English on this occassion. Everything went fine up to and including I would say perhaps with another 5% or thereabouts before completion. Suddenly a message appeared saying setup encountered an error during installing. Error Code 0012. So that was that. On this occasion of installing I paid attention to what was taking placing. The point at which the error code appeared the activation module was in progress.


    Perhaps you can advise on this error code and how can that be fixed if possible. If not possible will have to bite the dust and turn to Nero






  3. Hi Brendon


    The info which you requested as follows:


    Creator Premier

    Version: 1.1.010 SP1

    Build: 110B10A, DLP

    Seriennummer: deleted

    Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007



    To the best of my recollection did not come across a language selector box when prog was being installed. On this machine all the processes apart from the first which said program is being installed the rest was in German. On my old PC where it was installed in English did not notice any such data being mentioned.

    As far as Vista Region and Language, my region is set to Germany, Keyboard is German, Currency is Euro. On taskbar, toolbar, there is no mention of the language bar. Not quite sure how that is done so it does show.

    On tools in IE / internet options / language is set to English.


    Just realised that at no stage I ever mentioned that I am resident in Germany, hence region/keyboard/currency is set to what I just mentioned. Could it be that these are what is causing the problem. If that is the case why does my other PC with the same settings installs the program in English using the same disc.

    Furthermore I forgot to mention that present PC is from the Dell stale whereas my old was the Medion stable.


    I trust that all info stated will in some way be useful



  4. Hi Brendon


    Your help to date appreciated. In answer to your last, before proceeding, pls advise as to how to enable sending images of data which I have taken in an effort to make things somewhat clearer I hope.


    Frankly speaking not versed as far as that is concerned.






  5. Oops, my slip. :(


    Sorry Xonkie, thanks Firenhancer. :)


    Hi Brendon


    Carried out instructions for Vista but still experiencing some problems. Upon inserting disc, clicked on setup but for reasons unknown to me the message appears in German, saying setup is being carried out. This procedure is exactly what was happening before requesting some help. Hopefully the instructions were correctly adhered to.

    I t/4 decided to try and install on my old PC and guess what it installed in English. Only problem is, unable to register bcs not connected to the internet.


    It is a complete mystery to me why it installed trouble free on old PC which incidentally is XP Pro SP3. Instructions which rcvd from you for XP were implemented.


    If this problem continues might have to consider getting another like Nero which I really don't want to do. It would mean more expense which trying to avoid in current financial climate



  6. Hi Brendon


    Yr quick response appreciated. I have had a look at the site suggested in your input and noticed the instructions were referring to Win XP. Basically not being very conversant in these matters

    can I assume they are applicable to also be carried out in Vista Home Premium.

    Awaiting your response before proceeding any further.






  7. Hi




    Apologies if this is the wrong place for getting help regarding my problem.


    Just recently acquired Vista Home Premium SP1 preinstalled. Had some problems and had to reinstal. The Roxio Creator was included but after reinstallation discovered that Roxio had disappeared. Fortunately a disc came with software but upon trying to reinstall Roxio ran into lots of problems. Eventually it was installed but everything on screen ireferring to Roxio is in German.

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the settings to be showing English. I know that there are times when certain programs can be changed to the language required.


    Any advice appreciated. Sorry to be a pain