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  1. well after about 7 hours of do-loops, emails to tech support, premium telephone support, THEN free Creator 2009 telephone support (call 1-877-761-4601) Michelle confirms that Digital River did in fact send the WRONG software drivers for the current and new Roxio Video Capture USB device. On the third call to Digital River I was able to talk Daniel through the problem, nth time. He was not even familiar with the USB vicap product. If you purchase the the Roxio Video Capture USB device and the accompany CD is gold colored on the lower half, white/silver on the upper half, containing Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100 driver application - it is the WRONG software. Daniel said he would forward the issue to his supervisor and re-ship the software. 7-10 business days. When asked he replied that no, the driver + installation is not available for download. What is available for download, listed on their site for the for the Roxio Video Capture USB device is the WRONG software. Yup the very same file date as what was provided on the CD. If anyone has received the correct software, how large is/are the files? can they be emailed? Thank you! **Edited for your benefit***