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    Right-click Explorer Context Menu For Mount Image?

    Good call, and thanks for the post.
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    Right-click Explorer Context Menu For Mount Image?

    Thanks to all for the replies. I had created a virtual drive, but the context menu was not there. I was able to add the ISO's to the 'Disc Image List' then load the images that way. What I did was a complete uninstall of Roxio products, as I had Roxio 10 and installed Roxio 2009 over that. I had to even go so far as to use Windows Install Cleanup to remove anything Sonic/Roxio, then ran the setup as administrator for 2009. I now have a context menu that works. It simply says LOAD then off that are the various virtual drive letters. But now another question; does the virtual drive allow for loading of the .GI files created when saving audio discs to image? I can't seem to get them to load. Again, I appreciate the responses! A good team here in the forums.
  3. I installed Roxio 2009 this last week and noticed something odd. I make ISO files prior to burning so I can test them, and in the past I've always used Roxio to load the images by right-clicking on the ISO file and using the Mount ISO menu item. I don't have such a menu. I'm running Vista Ultimate and have 'RoxioCentralFX.exe' set to be 'Run as Administrator'. How would one go about repairing/installing these context menus? Thanks in advance.