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  1. Patty,


    I don't want to use Roxio's PS. I need to use Photo Show 5 Deluxe. Roxio's shows have none of the extras. If you ever used Photo Show 5 Deluxe you'd know what I'm talking about.

    I paid for with PS5, the upgrade, Roxio, Kodak, etc. As I said, no one is responding to any of my Support Tickets, so I'm in a serious bind and it is very frustrating not having a fix for this problem.






    Please let me know if you ever are back up and running. I'm trying everything and I'm getting

    no where. I still haven't gotten a reply to my support tickets. Thanks!



    I have Photo Show 5 Deluxe as well, I yet to hear from anyone in reference to my tickets either. Frustrating is not the word I would use anymore. Would be nice if someone actually helped with this issue, however it appears that is is not important to the Support group?

  2. I too have this problem with photoshow 5 no problem until Roxio took over. I have paid over $100 for the software, upgrades etc. I have sent several emails to roxio, customer support yet to no avail. I think this is really sad that someone spends so much money then so much time and it means nothing to these companies. no response not a care. really sad.

  3. I have Photoshow5, I lost all my things due to a domestic problem, now I am starting all over again. I have a pc that was given to me, I was able to salvage at least 50 % of my software, data etc. I had purchased photoshow including updates (5), the optional stuff as well and dvd add on. I cannot use it. It will install, however that's it, it won't let me use it, won' give me the option of using my product keys, nothing. I am unable to start purchasing software right now and feel I should be able to use the software that I paid quite a bit for. Please help.