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    Ps3 Conversion Does Not Work

    Hey, thanks a lot! Now everything shows up.
  2. Can anyone give me some suggestion on the best settings to convert an AVCHD footage for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3? It'll be appreciated if you can provide the detailed settings. My videos are shot using a Canon HF100 with 60i. I normally convert using: Device: High-Definition Video (HDV) Quality: 1080i preset configuration. However, the quality is not satisfying. The videos are not deinterlaced. I'm new to the DV world. I bought Toast 9 just for the purpose of editing AVCHD. But I'm really struggling to understand the different settings for conversion. Thanks if you can help.
  3. scabbage

    Ps3 Conversion Does Not Work

    I am trying to convert a .avi video to play on my PS3. I dropped it into my Mac Toast 9 conversion window and selected the default setting for PS3: Device: Playstation 3 Quality: Automatic This gave me a H.264/AVC .m4v video. However, when I load it into a SDHC card and connect it to my PS3, it cannot find any playable video. Can anyone let me know what I did wrong? Thanks.