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  1. I was wondering if and when your company is going to release Recordnow Music Lab 10 Premiere in Windows 10.
  2. I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 and the above error appeared when I tried to save an edited file using Music Lab 10. I thought by upgrading to your Music Lab 10 Premier (which is compatible with Windows 7) would solve the problem. After trying to to save a transferred file, this same error message appeared. After installation of Premier, I also did a download of the update from your website. Also, when I opened the Audio Edit window of Premier and played a clip, audio played fine but the progress bar never moved. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have used RecordNow Music Lab 10 for some time now and have enjoyed all the features it possesses. I record lectures for a nonprofit every other month using a Marantz PMD660 solid state recorder. Everything has been great. I run XP. I completed the recording of the latest lecture and ingested it into your software. I completed audio level adjustments and added tracks for each change in subject discussed, then saved the file. Everything looked great. When it started burning the CD, it got up to appx 9% before it stopped. The error text said, "Write Error - Medium Error D:NEC DVD+-RW ND-3530A - 102B ("Write Error - Medium Error."[03/0C/00])". I could not eject the CD in the drive. In fact, I could not cancel the project; everything locked up. I finally had to shut down my computer to unlock it. I have gone through this exact scenario three times now and have received the same exact results 3 times. I have been burning music on my drive just fine, so it appears the problem isn't with that hardware. I thought the file on the flash card might have been faulty. I dubbed off the lecture to a VHS Hi-Fi tape, then purchased another flash card and played the lecture back to the PMD660 recorder - with the same results listed above. Any help from other visitors here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dan231