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    Not Enough Space/ Delete Temp Files

    Hey Terry! Thanks again for the help. I was able to copy a dvd once befor using this method. This time, however, it didn't work. The message that I keep getting is to put in a blank disc. (that's from the destination drive) I tried to configure it different ways: changing the 'source' and 'destination' designations, but nothing works. I've even uninstalled and re-installed the Roxio software TWICE, but it won't work. Anyway, I was able to copy the dvd's by first burning to the hard drive, then to disc. Before you posted your information, I used the search function, and after scratching my head and trying several different things, finally found the files and deleted them. Your way would've worked, I'm sure, so I'll make note of it, and use it next time I try this. Thanks so much for your suggestions. Take Care! Lene
  2. lene

    Not Enough Space/ Delete Temp Files

    Terry, thanks so much for the information. It really helped! I can't get the dvd to dvd 'copy' to work. Any thoughts?
  3. Hello! I'm new here, and don't know anything abt computers per se. I can follow the directions for troubleshooting, however, so here goes: I have an older version of Sonic RecordNow! (version 7.3) I have two drives on my computer (Dell Dimension 3000) and have used it to burn DVD's. In most instances, I've had to put the dvd info on the hard drive, and then transfer to disc. My problem is that I can't locate the files and delete them. I checked the drive, clicked on Windows folder, gone in and clicked on the Temp folder, but the files weren't there. I need to find and erase these temp files in order to burn more dvd's. Can anyone help? Second problem: Since there are two drives in my computer, I have been able to just burn dvd's from one disc to another, without having to burn the file to the hard drive first. I've tried to do that, but can't seem to make it work. Any thoughts? Thanks for any suggestions/help!