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    2011 Edit Video- Advanced

    It is not my anti-virus program. I just tried to change the menu background on my production 3 different times, and each time, as soon as I prompted it it stopped responding. Could my Roxio install disc be corrupted?
  2. gvollmar

    2011 Edit Video- Advanced

    It does say "not responding" in upper left corner next to Videowave. The task bar also says "not responding. It has not let me open the task manager once it stops responding. I opened up Videowave and the task manager, it only shows Roxio running, I played some of the production and the CPU was between 5%-22% I have not had anything else running while I edit. Could my AVG anti-virus program be causing a conflict? I have been using that for over 3 years and it never effected the performance of Roxio on my old system.
  3. gvollmar

    2011 Edit Video- Advanced

    I am using a Dell Inspiron 580, purchased December 2010. Intel® Core i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80 GHz, RAM 6.00 GB, 64-bit operating system, Video card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, Hard drive: 1 TB, free: 801 GB of 920 GB. I purchased the Roxio Creator 2011 in January. I am NOT new to the program. I have been using it continuously since Roxio 6 came out. In the video-advanced, the program randomly stops responding ( there are NO error codes that show). The program just STOPS responding. This is happening whether I am just editing, adding transitions, or any other editing. When I send the project to my DVD it will (randomly) stop responding when I try to change the background menu, and editing the chapters. I was finally able to tell it to burn and once again it stopped responding. I finally exported the production to a video file and then burned it using a different program. I have not installed any other programs on this new computer. I did uninstall and reinstall this program with no difference.
  4. I used Roxio 9 on my old computer but when I upgraded from Window XP and a new computer running Windows 7 I was told I had to upgrade to Roxio 2011. I am TRYING to work on my first production (edit video-advanced) and as I am editing it will just stop responding. I was just viewing my changes and it stops responding. I totally back out of the program and go back to it and it seems like it is going to be OK. I just went to burn it and when I went to do the Menu and chapters it stopped responding again! Any clues? I HAVE to resolve this.
  5. gvollmar

    Smart Sound

    Thank you so much for the info. Unfortunately it was not the best news at this point.
  6. gvollmar

    Smart Sound

    I have used EMC10 in XP and Vista for several years and had no issues. I purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and now I cannot get the smart sound to open. Initially I was prompted to install Quick Time to activate smart sound. After installing Quick Time, when I click on add audio it does not give me the option of smart sound or audio files, it goes directly to my audio files. I have several productions that had several smart sounds and now they are not recognized. Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  7. gvollmar

    side bar color

    Thank you soo much! Like I said-must be a simple solution. You just made my day. I had instant success Gail
  8. gvollmar

    side bar color

    I have done several video's with pictures that had the black side bars. I was able to change the color of the sidebars. I am working on another project and I cannot find a way to change the side bar color. I know it is possible. I am working with Creator 10 Suite, VideoWave. I hope someone has a simple solution. Gail
  9. gvollmar

    Copy Writing

    I video tape events and I take alot of pride in what I edit and produce to offer to the people that attend. Most productions take 80+ hours. I have found out that my DVD's are being copied for other people. I WILL MAKE IT CLEAR- this is not a business for me, but I would like to be compensated for time and effort. Is there a way to make the DVD protected from being copied?
  10. I have all of my videos on master DVD's. I used a short DVD video to try to make it work. I did not loose any thing. .Thanks again. Gail
  11. I think you gave me my solution. I saved a clip and then output production. I then deleted the original and I was able to reopen the clip in videowave. I had never used the output production feature before. THANKS!
  12. Is there a way to save a production and then delete the master video with out loosing all the data for the production? I do dragracing and have 10-20 hours worth of video that I would like to save individual clips into folders and do a production for each driver at the end of the season? If I leave all of my downloaded video in my computer I would use up all of my hard drive.