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  1. Hi, does anybody know if I can create an Iso Image of a CD that includes 2 Partitions. One Audio and one Data partition. Thank you very much, Frank
  2. aguaparami

    image file of an enhanced CD

    Hi, can I make an image file of an enhanced CD (Data Partition and Audio Partition on one CD) to send it to a CD production Copmany via Internet ? Thank you ! Frank
  3. Hi, I have a CD burned as an enhanced CD (2 partitions - Data and Audio). On the data partition I have a html page. Now I would like to set a link from this html page to the audio partition on the CD. Is this possible ? I want to select the songs on the audio partition via the html (home-) page. Thanks ! Frank
  4. Does anybody know, how I can add an autorun file on a data CD that opens a html page on the CD if I put it into the computer ? Is there a solution which works on both platforms ? Windows and Mac. Thank you ! Frank
  5. aguaparami

    Image File Of Enhanced Audio Cd

    Hi, does anybody know how I can create an image file of an enhanced CD (Audio and Data partition on one CD) I only can make an image file of the audio CD and of the data CD. But not of the complete (audio and data) enhanced CD. This Image file I woul like to give to a duplication company. Thank you very much ! Frank
  6. Hi, I have a problem, displaying an enhanced CD on windows (XP) computers. If I insert the CD to the computer, the windows media player starts up and plays the audio partition. But I also want to see the data partition. What did I do wrong ? Thank you very much ! Frank