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  1. I just put together my first 10min family movie on Creator 8 / Videowave. I have noticed during the transitions that my transitions look like jarbal? Like a satillite is fading out. I have attempted several times to change my transitions, thinking this would clean it up. I am simply using dissolves the whole way through. Some transitions are fine, others look horrible! I did not have this problem with 7.5? Any suggestions?
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    Poor Video Quality

    I just burned a 10 min movie and just watched it and thought the same thing. Quality was poor, shaky at times. I going to try the suggestion that this person made earlier to you. I had 7.5 and did not have this problem of quality at all! I think I might go back to 7.5! Caroline
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    I have been very frustrated as well! I kept getting an error 80004003. I spoke with Technical (NO) assistance who was of no help but to try to pin the problem on my computer firmware updates. I found a way to burn my project may be this will help you? I was using VideoWave for a 10min movie I had put together. I got out of videowave and went back to the main menu and selected (Burn a DVD) I think the icon was on the right hand side. Once in there on the right I selected input a movie (I think that is what it said) then I retrieved my movie from my "Recent Projects" and magically it got past the encoding error and burned! YEAH! Hope this helps! Sonic/Roxio has some work to do! Caroline