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  1. I am using Sonic's Record Now and am trying to burn a slideshow I created in Pics to Exe. Sonic shows that I have burned it successfully but it will not play in my DVD player. I have tried using different DVD's (ie. DVD-R and DVD+R) but none work, in several different DVD players. By the way, any future purchasers of Sonic I would stronly advise against----this software freezes up my computer occasionally and completely forces me to shut my computer down when I close Sonic and want to reopen it. And Sonic's customer support is HORRIBLE--impossible (at least on my attempts) to actually speak or "chat" with a customer service rep. They just use other Sonic users out there like you and me to do their customer support. Wow, and to think we are paying for their product. Something's wrong with this picture, spread the word and maybe we'll force better service for these companies that cannot provide support to mediocre products. Signed, Disappointed Sonic Owner