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    Burning A Dvd

    No need to get surly. I'm new at this. I thought I posted in the correct forum and someone moved me to this one. Fortunately, someone helped me in spite of being in the wrong forum. How nice of them. God bless your day. S.
  2. Salubo

    Burning A Dvd

    PTL. It worked! I can't thank you enough! I really appreciate your taking the time to help me out. Thank you. Thank you. S.
  3. Salubo

    Burning A Dvd

    My mistake. Another example of me thinking everyone would know what Photo Story is. Sorry 'bout that. Photo Story 3 for Windows is a program where you can create a "video" product using photography - adding zooms/dissolves/etc. - adding music - and creating a very nice video. So I have the finished product on my PC. Can view it using Windows Media Play and now want to put it on a DVD. That's where I'm falling apart. I cannot figure out how to move the PhotoStory to a place within my Roxio 10 program and burn a DVD. Hope this information helps. Thanks for taking time to provide your input.
  4. Salubo

    Burning A Dvd

    I am totally unable to figure out how to burn a PhotoStory project I just completed to a DVD. Seems like I have tried everything in EMC 10. Everytime I burn a DVD and try it in my DVD player it won't load. Can anyone help me out? Thanks very much. Salubo