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  1. howdy. we just installed nxt2 on our new computer with 64 bit windows 7 running. sound editor will usually record, either from monitor mic or from sound card (eg a youtube song), but when it detects the youtube song has ended, it stops automatically, then briefly shows the captured audio file (for less than 1 second) before the "Roxio Sound Editor has Stopped Working" followed by "microsoft searching for solutions". if i pause the song before it ends, then hit stop, i can usually edit it like usual and export the clip like usual. can i disable that "auto-detect" stop recording feature, or fix the bug causing this? thanks in advance! john
  2. THANKS! i'LL TRY BOTH OF these tips!! john p.s i downloaded those driver updates you sent: does the computer generally have a way to routinely check for these updates, or is something i have to do periodically? john
  3. thanks again. it came bundled with the computer it does work in MyDVD! thanks! but even a 6 minute clip stalls my new dell xps 420 if I convert to anything above generic MPEG1... i wonder if there is any easy way to change the capture away from the strict 1 or 2 minutes I'm limited to in media import, so I can get MPEG@ files easier (the DVD trick is a little ponderous)? thanks, again john
  4. Thanks, grandpa b. i hate to sound lame, i copied the files, but i can't find "VideoWave": is that part of MyDVD, or DVD Express, etc? how do I open that? thanks
  5. Hi! i have Creator PremierVersion: 10.2.606, and samsung digital dvd camcorder sc-dx 103. when i put a finalized disc in my Dell xps 420, media import only imports exactly 1 or sometimes 2 minutes of the clips, not the entire clips. I can't find any way to change capture length or settings (i want to edit many clips into a movie) HELP! thanks, john