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  1. None of the task buttons work, you can't add anything whatsoever to the timeline, trying to click any of the task buttons causes it to lock up until it looses/regains focus, and "Add video/audio" causes the program to crash completely. Specs: Software: PhotoSuite & VideoWve Premier Suit (8) Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4 Video: OnBoard Intel 810 Graphics Hub DirectX 9.0c Display: 1024x768x24 Sound: ESS Allegro OnBoard PCI CD-Rom: Hitachi GD-2000 (DVD-ROM) LG CD-RW CED-8083B Processor: PIII @ ~700Mhz Memory: 128MB 133Mhz (PC133) System: Compaq Presario Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Your system date might be incorrect. This seems to be a common problem/solution, even Windows XP won't let you activate VIA the internet with an incorrect date. Your not the only one who had this problem