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  1. Keith Weisshar

    Key Has Been Used Too Many Times Error

    On the original post, have you made any hardware changes since you last installed Roxio before you reformatted? Many software products using product activation use hashes of a combination of hardware components and OS.
  2. Keith Weisshar

    Key Has Been Used Too Many Times Error

    Why is this type of error not covered in the Roxio/Corel Knowledgebase?
  3. Keith Weisshar

    Key Has Been Used Too Many Times Error

    Roxio only has 14-days of free warranty tech support and after that it's $19 per incident. Do I need to pay this fee and purchase a support code to have the product key reset after being used too many times on a single PC? Will I lose an activation if I cancel installation past the product key entry screen?
  4. Keith Weisshar

    Key Has Been Used Too Many Times Error

    Will this issue apply to retail version or only the download version of NXT? I have Creator 2012 Pro retail and have not run into this issue in the installation wizard.
  5. Keith Weisshar

    Key Has Been Used Too Many Times Error

    Also will a proper uninstall release the install count on the Corel's server?
  6. Keith Weisshar

    Key Has Been Used Too Many Times Error

    Can the key used too many times occur if the computer has been reformatted several times even with no hardware changes?
  7. Keith Weisshar

    Roxio Creator Nxt Upgrade

    Does Roxio Creator NXT Upgrade require a previous qualifying version of Roxio Creator to be installed on the hard drive in order to proceed with the installation?
  8. Keith Weisshar

    Purchased Roxio Creator 2012 Pro Less Than 2 Months Ago

    It was originally purchased from Staples, not directly from Roxio and therefore customer service will not help.
  9. I only purchased Roxio Creator 2012 Pro less than 2 months ago but Roxio Creator NXT Pro was just released. Do I still need to pay the full upgrade price for Creator NXT Pro. I will need this upgrade in order to work with Windows 8. Will the upgrade version require Creator 2012 Pro to be already installed on the hard drive in order to install the upgrade? Is there a difference in this requirement if I purchase an upgrade from the Roxio Upgrade Center on the website and if I purchase an upgrade from the exclusive offer banner at the bottom of the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro main window. When I use the Upgrade Center and add it to cart it says (Upgrade from Creator 2012) but when I use the exclusive offer banner from the Roxio software and add it to cart it says (Sale). How do I contact the Roxio sales department and attach the PDF with the scanned copy of the receipt and product keys? The Roxio support center ticket system doesn't have any way to upload any attachments. Is it possible to ship the installation Disc 1 with product keys back to Roxio as proof of purchase?
  10. Windows 7 freezes with spinning icon over taskbar when or after running Creator Classic while a CD is inserted in the Sony Optiarc BD-5300S-03 drive. The HDD access light stays on constantly even after the optical drive light goes off. I have FW v2.03 in the optical drive. This issue only occurs if I have a standard CD in the optical drive when launching Creator Classic. It doesn't happen if I have a DVD or Blu-Ray disc in the drive. I cannot even access the ctrl-alt-del screen when I press ctrl-alt-del. I have Microsoft Security Essentials as the AV.
  11. When I try to connect to the FlexNet server to check for updates I get an error message that the product code is not registered on the server or is invalid. Is there a way to download the service pack for Roxio Creator 2012 Pro?
  12. Keith Weisshar

    Hdr Express

    Why do I get No More Activations Left if I forget to deactivate HDR Express before reinstalling Windows? I had this happen when I updated through the check for updates and the update reverted back to the trial version. I only get two activations and both were lost when I reinstalled the original version and then updated a second time.
  13. Keith Weisshar

    Back On Track 4 System Rollback

    I have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, When I enable System Rollback it adds Roxio System Rollback to the boot menu after saving system state but when I disable System Rollback it doesn't remove it from the boot menu? Why is Roxio System Rollback not removed from the boot menu even after disabling system rollback? If I run Uninstallapp.exe in the Instant Restore folder it removes the boot menu but then the next time I enable system rollback again it doesn't recreate the boot menu and then I need to uninstall Roxio completely and reinstall it in order to fix this issue. Why isn't there an option to remove the boot menu in the GUI?
  14. Keith Weisshar

    Emc Upgrade Version

    Does the $69.99 upgrade version of EMC require a previous version to be installed on the hard drive or a previous version to be registered in my Roxio account?
  15. Keith Weisshar

    Problem Burning Iso Image

    I'm having issues with the Burn Image option in Roxio Central. When I try to burn the ISO image for the EVGA X58 3X SLI BIOS with Creator 2009 it only burns 56 k and 28 sectors and when I boot the CD I get an error Cannot Load DOS, any key to retry and then the system reboots. When I used another ISO burning utility on the same ISO image the CD works OK and updates the BIOS to the latest version. I have an EVGA X58 3X SLI motherboard with the BIOS updated to SZ27.