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  1. How to convert a roxio dvd builder production from NTSC to Pal in EMC 7.5

  2. How to convert a roxio dvd builder production from NTSC to Pal in EMC 7.5

  3. Can I safely delete DMSD files after saving a the project to a ISO file? Am cleaning up computer and wondering what files to delete after completing a DVD burning project.
  4. patser

    deleting files

    Thanks for your help - preciate it.
  5. patser

    deleting files

    Ok thanks. How were these files created and what are they used for in Roxio? Just trying to clean up my hard drive prompted my original post.
  6. I have large number of files under application/roxio/video wave called proxy files. Can I safely delete these files?
  7. patser

    Dvd Builder Titles

    Thanks for all the help. I have converted the dmsd files over to dmsm files and will start combining into one of the dmsd files soon. I still have a bit to learn on this program even tho I have rendered quite a few dvd projects in the past.
  8. patser

    Dvd Builder Titles

    I guess I meant that I was attempting to merge/chain/join my dmsd productions together to come up with a dvd with chapters or several titles (on one dvd). I have accomplished this in the past but evidently forgot how I did it. I can only offer the excuse of a "SENIOR MOMENT" or better known as CRS. Yes, I admit my terminology is not always precise. "TITLES" used in the Roxio EMC 7.5 were confusing to me and I always had trouble in starting a new production and typically started it in DVD Builder rather than Video Wave, but will use Video Wave in the future. I was successful in using the listed procedure for converting a DMSD file to a video wave DMSM file. It will save me a lot of time as I have a total of 3 dmsd productions to change (or convert) to dmsm. Thanks very much for sharing that procedure, and for clearing up my understanding of working in Roxio. I am saving all this info for my future Roxio work.
  9. patser

    Dvd Builder Titles

    I found the dmsd file when attempting to "Add Media To Project" - browsed to to folder where dmsd files are located under "My Computer". Click on file and then "Add" but nothing happens. Thanks, it looks like I have been confused as to the way the program works. In reading the manual, I thought it said you could add a title to an existing title. So I will back to square one and start over again. I will also try the thread on converting a EMC 7.5 builder project to a Videowave dmsm file. I really appreciate your help. Thanks for your reply. I will try this tomorrow am as its too late tonite, need my beauty sleep - ha.
  10. patser

    Dvd Builder Titles

    I went back into the DVD Builder project and find that I can add DMSM files but not DMSD files. The ones I am trying to add are DMSD projects completed in MyDVD. I can find these files by looking into files but they are not listed in any of MY COLLECTIONS. When I "Look in DVD Builder Projects" I get only a message "There are no items to show in this view". Is there a way to change dmsd projects to dmsm projects?
  11. I cannot add titles to a new menu. I have unistalled IE 7 and WMD 11, and reinstalled EMC 7.5 with update. When attempting to add a title, the titles I have already worked on do not show up in the Collections.
  12. I cannot add a Production for an multiple titled EMC 7.5 DVD and may upgrade to 2009 Creator. Can you use files and Productions created in EMC 7.5 in 2009 Creator DVD Builder renderings?