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  1. I want to record some old LP's but my Creator 2010 quit working. I can load the Creator 2010, it slows all the menus but when I click on any one of them I see the hour glass then that goes away. i uninstaed and reinstaled it now it dont work any more. What do I have to do spend more money for a new program that i only use every year or so???
  2. I wish I had read that before buying the se2010. I cannot find any other web sites that will work with roxio software. The se2010 is running better then my old se2009. I guess the new 2010 has some fixes in it. or I'm just useing a computer with no programs installed on it yet like my other computers. I will look for a another way to get the Youtub's video in my computer. Thanks for the help. #2 Now for the Roxio Media Import tool to work. Is that something with my security cam? I was looking to record on to my computer shorts from my garage area so I can up load them to a friend. I don’t understand why it stops recording when I change to the video from the output of the TV tuner? I have tried to use the cam straight from the video cam where I can see a picture on the roxio media import screen. (NO SIGNAL). Any ideas on that. John in Baltimore
  3. http://www.liketelevision.com/liketelevisi...amp;theme=guide Ok it works, but not what I was looking for. That must be a Roxio web site. Any others? Old TV show’s.? I all ready get that kind of stuff off the satellite and cable. It was advertised YOUTUBE video’s The one I want is on YouTube.com Ok what’s the fix for my roxio.
  4. Roxio Video Copy & Convert #1 of 2 ((Convert video)) ((Web Video)) Web video screen opens ((Lunch your browser to start viewing and downloading web video.)) I play hundreds of web videos I have yet to down load one, no! Not a one. Ok you ask what computer I have. Del inspiron 530s Windows vista 4 GB memory Verizon DSL with a westell 7500 One terabyte hard drive (BRAND NEW) NEVER USED. FIRST TIME USE. I just reinstall windows on a new drive with only windows vista did all the updates and then installed roxio creator special edition 2010. (NO FIRE WALL) just to make sure that firewall was not a problem. I am not happy……….. now PLEASE tell me what to do next. Lots of hours on this. Is it me or is roxio messed up. I have 4 computers it don’t work on any of them. Has anyone got this time vampire to work? NEXT THING IS. ((((“Web Video”)))) That’s why I went from roxio creator special edition 2009 to special edition 2010. The special edition 2009 did not work very well. And special edition 2010 don’t work very well. I installed a brand new hard drive in the del insprion 530s just to make sure that there was no other program messing with my brand new roxio creator special edition 2010. Oh by the way what’s the difference between the two. Roxio SE 2009 and Roxio SE 2010. They both came with the usb capiture card. #2 of 2 (((“Roxio Media Import”))) Oh what’s up with capture video? I can record the video with the nice roxio video capture USB device (“that came with the roxio SE 2010”) from the NTSC video output from my TV tuner of my TV. but when I change to my security cam (its plug in to the NTSC input of the TV.) the status goes from ready to capture to no signal. The security cam is plugged in the video input of the TV. I SEE the video on roxio SCREEN but now I can record a TV program BUT switch to the NTSC. the roxio stop recording after 20 seconds or so. But it did record the video from the security cam for 20 sec. (Yes it recorded,) If I change back to over the air tuner on the TV TUNER from NTSC INPUT on the TV, the signal is now on again on the roxio screen.and I can record again. I let it record for half hour and switch back to NTSC INPUT on the TV it records for about 20 seconds and stops recording. When I play it back I see the NTSC security cam for the last 20 seconds of the recording before it stop recording. So I switch the TV from the tuner to the NTSC input on the TV and after 5 or 10 sec. I switch right back to the TV tuner it keeps recording. When I play the video I recorded I see the security camera video for the 5 or 10 sec. and then the over the air program. As long as I only keep it on the NTSC for a few seconds it will record. Thinking it’s the camera I change to different security cameras without seeing a signal from any of them even though I see the video on the computer screen. This is driving me nuts. I had this problem with SE 2009 and now I have two roxio video capture USB’s. I was wishing that it was the USB video card that came with Se 2009. Its not. When will Roxio special edition 2011 so I can speed more money? Sorry but I have been up for hours trying to get this time vampire to work. John in Baltimore
  5. the (*.*) is a wild card. It don’t mater what I run in my roxio I Get messages after a few minutes of use that looks like this. ________________________________________________________________________________ Roxio VideoConvert has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Close program ________________________________________________________________________________ _ Ok now with a brand new dell inspiron computer to replace the old one I am still having troubles. what’s up with that? Weather i use vista or 7, and 7 has more problems using roxio. I was not going to get the 2010 to replace my 2009, I was going with other software. But the Roxio VideoConvert sound like a good idea. I want one youtube file. I’ve tried all the youtube and other internet vidieos. This is a real time vampire. I put $79.00 + bucks in to this junk. I am thinking the ROXIO is a scam. I have posted many time when I had 2009 with no help. F#@King TIME VAMPIRE. ROXIO YOU GOT MY MONEY. NOW WHAT, I HOPE SOME ONE CAN READ THIS BEFORE ITS DELETED BY ROXIO. John in Baltimore. SUCKER
  6. Outlans

    Roxio Time Vampire

    I’ve been using Roxio for the past 5 or 6 years now and after uninstalling and reinstalling the roxio program is getting worst, ("Photo suite 11 has stopped working") again. This is now getting worst. I love a program that all I need to do is start it and it works. You know like my windows solitaire game. I just start it and it work. But after spending hours of my time with Roxio I was told not to stay up all night. working on a program that keeps me up all night. This is a total TIME Vampire. It's sucking the time out of my life. TIME VAMPIRE i tell ya time vampire. John
  7. Me to. having problems with roxio. Photo suite 11 has stopped working. I tried to down load the service pack 4 It did not down load. Inspiron 530 (dell) windows vista
  8. I see that Roxio has new 2010 program Roxio Creator 2010 Plus.??? The Roxio Creator 2009 Plus is a real program I am sure. It looks to be boxed in Adobe Photoshop elements 8.? I copy and past the link, tell me if I am wrong. Looks if I buy it for only $0.99 cents with $5.99 shipping. Suckers are selling it with a Adobe box. I guess they lost the box. http://cgi.ebay.com/Roxio-Creator-2010-Plu...=item2a02813adf
  9. My Computer is a DELL Inspiron 530 This is my 2nd DELL Inspiron 530 The first one started to have problems after installing ROXIO Creator 2009 special edition. The sound files on my America on line were fine before install the ROXIO. When I click on any email I would hear a very soft click. Now I hear a very loud DING. This happened on the first DELL. it got so bothersome that I went out and bought a new one. I did not install the ROXIO 2009 right away. After two mounts, I need to copy some of my old 45 records to CD-r so I could play them in the car on my trip. After installing REXIO on the 2nd new DELL that darn DING came back on the new computer. I called DELL. no help. I called Microsoft, no help. Now I guess I will have to get a new computer again just to get rid of the DAM DING. IF I go to the control panel and turn OFF all the Microsoft sound, then I get a VERY LOUD ERROR buzz when I try to read my AOL Email. Oh by the way it will DING when I click on any of my Favorites in my AOL as well and give me the error buzz when the sounds are turn off. This is nuts. I am just pissed off. Now after uninstalling the ROXIO Creator 2009 special edition the DING is still there. After total UNinstilling AOL 9.5 and all AOL software off the computer and reinstalling AOL 9.1 the DING is still there. After I did a System Restore to a time well before the time I installed REXIO 2009 the DAM DING is still in it. DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING…. The only thing that I can think of it has affected my SYSTEM BIOS. After all, turning off the system sounds should stop any sound in speakers. Is it worth suing REXIO for all my problems? I have spent money on a new computer and hours of my time trying fixing the problem. OVER SIX MOUNTS OF PROBLEMS WITH ROXIO 2009, NOW I AM NUTS.............
  10. I am using Windows Vista. I have tried all the drivers that came with the roxio video capture usb. Windows movie maker looks for DV camera. It may be a Vista thing. In the movie maker help section I see this. "• Video cannot be imported from an analog video camera or VCR when using Import Video or Windows Movie Maker. To import video from an analog video camera or VCR, you need to have an analog video capture device installed on your computer, and then use software that enables you to import video from an analog capture device. For more information, check the documentation that came with your analog capture device or go to the manufacturer's website." I don’t think the drivers that came with my roxio capture usb is vista supported.
  11. ok, Inport from digital video camera. I get a message that reads. "Inport Video could not find a compatible digital video device. Verify that the digital video device is properly connected and turned on." I guess windows can not see the roxio video capture usb.....
  12. I did not know that movie maker can capture the video from the roxio vedio capture usb. I look for it and don't seam to know how it find it in windows movie maker. I have never used the windows movie maker. I dont see how to capture the USB 2861 Device in windows movie maker.
  13. Yes I tried that too. uninstall and reinstall. I have tried roxio 2009 on 2 computers so far. it’s strange thing that only the B&W security cams will not show a signal in the status. The TV tuner is working. I can record video. VCR is working. B&W security cams will not work. I can record anything off my TV tuner. But my security cams I get “Status No Signal”. I really would like to get my security cameras to work.............. This is nuts..... I found that a strange thing happens when I install roxio on the new computer. I use AOL 9.1 software. After installing the roxio software on the new computer. When I read my mail in the AOL 9.1 program I am getting a strange Ding. I uninstalled roxio and the strange Ding or error ding stayed. So now I have to change my sounds and delete my windows ding. I don’t think roxio 2009 was ready to be released for Vista. Ok I have one more computer with AOL 9.1, I am not getting a Error Ding. I am going to install roxio 2009 in that computer. If I start getting that annoying error ding when I click on my mail I will be pissed off to no end. And I think roxio should pay me for the time to uninstall the OS, format my hard drives just to get rid of the Stupid ding in my AOL mail. And that’s 3 computers I will have to reinstall the OS in………. The only way to prove it's coming from roxio 2009 is to install it in the 3rd computer............. And thats just what I am going to do..........
  14. Camera RCA jack to the Roxio input video usb device. I see video on the videowave screen. Status: No Signal I can see people walking around on the screen. the STATUS: NO SIGNAL. I have signal when I plug in the TV Tuner and I can see the video as well.
  15. ONE CAMERA? No all my security Cameras None of my B&W security cameras.... NONE! I have 14 security camera around here some old some new. "If everything else works except that one camera???" all my security camera's. 14 in total. TV tuner works, vhs works, camcorder works. NONE of my B&W camers are working.... Status: No Signal. I can see the video on the computer. I can hear the sound on the newer camers that have sound.