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    Widescreen Photos

    I recently purchased a 14mp camera and take all my photos using the widescreen setting. The photos look great on my widescreen computer monitor and HD TV. Does Photoshow have a setting to make widescreen photoshows to take advantage of these photos on a widescreen TV? IF not, what are others doing to optimize widescreen photos?
  2. romagjack

    No Widescreen Format?

    I made a Photoshow DVD but came out distorted on the wide screen TV. Any way to make the DVD show in 16 x 9 without changeing the aspect ratio on the TV? I'd like to send the DVD to my elderly parents but can already here them griping about how fat they look! Not many 4 x 3 TVs out there anymore. Thanks.
  3. romagjack

    Online Photo Editing

    Is it possible to autofix more than 1 photo at a time? I like what it does and would like to use it for my whole photoshow if possible.
  4. romagjack

    Bravo - for the new features!

    Just tried out the new soundtracks and multiple songs per show. The MPEG 2s are nice also. Way to go Roxio. I will really use the program now. (How about a wide screen format now!) Thanks.
  5. romagjack

    No Ps5 Download On My Account Page

    Yes, with the gold seal!
  6. I don't see any download for PS version 5 on My Account page as suggested by the the moderator in the pinned section at the top of the Photoshow forum. Where do I download. I only see version 6 and some mobile apps. Thanks.
  7. romagjack

    Importing Contacts

    Tryng to import contacts from Plaxo, I checked the contacts I wish to import and get a flashing "Please Wait" box. Nothing happens from that point on. Anyone succesfully imported a contact list?
  8. romagjack


    I use 5 and 6 for the reasons stated above. I hope Roxio continues to make improvements to version 6 and hope they will extend the annual membership for those of us (pioneers) that purchased the online version that wasn't and still isn't a "complete" product. When multiple songs ability is re-added like in version 5, then I will consider the product useful for my longer shows. Upon that date, our annual membership should start. Once we are all happy with the product, we will recommend to others and sales will greatly increase for Roxio.
  9. romagjack

    Multiple Songs

    You can do it in Photoshow 5 but not the current version. Not good for those long shows.
  10. romagjack

    Photoshow Online And Photoshow 5

    Unfortunately, the new desktop version 6 excludes many of the features (editing, multiple audio tracks with the ability to use your own music) we liked about v5. Version 6 seems to have more themes and it is faster than version 5. It also allows exporting files in wmv-HD (not widescreen yet, but Roxio is working on that). So, there are compromises for both versions but you will need to keep both on your computer. I use version 6 for the down and dirty quick format, one audio track online sharing photoshows and version 5 for more complex shows with multiple audio tracks, photo cropping, and text positioning as well as other editing where necessary. Hopefully, Roxio will add the good features from version 5 into the current version in future releases - I was surprised to see so many features missing when I tried the new desktop software, but maybe the new programmers at Roxio need a little time to catch up since SimpleStar was a recent purchase. I do like the new tabbed interface in v6 for simplicity.
  11. romagjack

    Wish List For Version 6 (or 7)

    1) the ability to export in hi-def format with 16:9 aspect ratio. Most TVs sold today are widescreen. 2) multiple audio tracks for photoshows like in version 5. If you have a 100 slide photoshow, one track gets very boring.
  12. I exported several movies in wmv high def format (from v6) in order to put multiple shows on a single DVD with a menu using the windows dvd burning software that comes with Vista. It worked great, but I wish there were a way to export in 16:9 widescreen format. I can't find that option in Photoshow (either v5 or v6. Any suggestions?
  13. romagjack

    Photoshow 5 File Location

    Where do I find my photoshow 5 files on my computer? Version 6 makes it easy with a folder called "my photoshows", but I can't find my shows created in v5. I'm trying to make a DVD with several photoshows on on DVD disk. I think photoshow (both v5 and v6) only allow 1 photoshow per burn. Is this correct? Or can you do several individual burns to a DVD+RW disk? I do have other DVD burning software if necessary. Thanks for any help with this issue.
  14. romagjack

    Address Book

    Photoshow 5 had the address book feature which was very convenient since many photoshows get emailed to the same family members and friends. I don't see an address book in the new desktop software. Is there a way to remember email addresses or do they have to be typed in every time you send a show?
  15. romagjack

    PhotoShow 5 failed to burn DVD

    I'm getting the same error using Vista. Uninstall and reinstall didin't help. Still getting same error.