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    No Selection Of What Extras To Install?

    Thank you! Very helpful.
  2. Hi All: I just installed Toast 11 Titanium. I do professional audio work, and just wanted the basic CD/DVD burning functions, not all the TIVo, etc., stuff. I thought the installer would ask me what to install as a "custom" install (it says that I will get to choose in the manual) but there was no choice and the installer installed everything. There's also no uninstaller. I could just erase all the "extra" apps, but I don't want to screw things up, and I would probably leave all the extra bloat like artwork files for CD-covers, etc. I looked around for said artwork and couldn't find it anywhere. Any problems erasing this extra stuff (is any of it inter-linked with Toast? Any idea where the CD-cover artwork hides? Thanks, Robert
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    I have to enable CD-Text on an audio CD I'm burning in Jam 6.1.1. There doesn't seem to be anything in the manual or online to answer my questions. I. The information fields I have in Jam are: 1) Disk A) Title Artist 2) Track A) Title Artist 3) Mastering Info. A) Date Title C) Artist D) Producer E) Copyright F) Comment The manual DOES say that #3 "Mastering Info is not printed to CD, but only shows up in the Jam window. I take it that #1 and #2 DO get printed as metadata to the CD. Questions: Is there a number(or type)-of-character limit for each field? Does each CD have to be entered into an online database to show up on computers (Mac or PC) or will both OS's recognize the CD-Text on the CD? Thanks for any help (or warnings of problems)! Robert
  4. Hi Roxio Gurus: After updating my Mac dual 1.42, Firewire 800 G4 to Tiger 10.4.6 I'm getting frequent failures during burns using either Jam or Toast 6, audio or data. I've gotten the failures on both an external Firewire CD-R burner and the stock internal Pioneer DVD/CD-R DVR-105. Does anyone know of a problem with Jam 6.0.3 or Toast 6.1.1 with OS 10.4.6? The error messages I just got using the internal burner were: 1) The drive reported an errror: Sense Key = illegal request. Sense code = 0x64. Illegal mode for this track. 2) The drive reported an eror: Sense key = hardware error. Sense code = 0x44, 0xD6. Internal target failure. 3) The disk failed to be written. Similar messages with the external drive. I can burn OK with other apps like iPhoto (used in this last project). Any wisdom? Thanks! Robert