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    False CSS encryption message--please help!

    I had this issue with Popcorn 1 and hoped the upgrade might help. It didn't. If I attempt to burn a disc with a VIDEO_TS folder located on my external firewire hard drive, Popcorn gives me a dialog box which states "The disc you have inserted is CSS encrypted and cannot be copied by Popcorn. If you are online now, click "More Info" for information about CSS encrypted discs." However, none of the VIDEO_TS folders I've tried this with have been CSS encrypted. And here is the kicker: if I move the VERY SAME FOLDER onto my local (internal) drive, Popcorn will accept it with no complaints. I digitally throw myself at your collective virtual feet and beg for assistance, as this is really annoying. Is there anyone out there with the same problem? Or conversely, is there anyone successfully burning content from an external firewire drive?
  2. gungadin234

    False Css Encryption Message

    When I try to read a Video_TS folder from my external firewire drive, Popcorn reports that "the disc I have inserted is protected with CSS encryption..." and refuses to recognize it. This happens consistently with all Video_TS folders I have placed on my external drive. However, if I copy the folder in question to my local drive, Popcorn behaves normally and will compress and burn my movie. Has anyone else run into this--and if so, have you been able to resolve it? The permissions on the external drive allow read and write access.