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    Laptop upgrade and Vista

    Usually, the WindowsUpdate would take care of that; and/or the Windows 7 drivers from the manufacturer. Though, as to the latter, the life-cycle is becoming shorter and shorter so that the product may have already reached end-of-life when it rolls out to the market... ;-)
  2. jmhoraze

    Laptop upgrade and Vista

    if WinXP is working fine, do NOT use (i.e., downgrade to) Vista. It is a resource hog (i.e., add add'l 1.5GB RAM!), does not support your chipset and several peripherals (several printers come to mind), and keep annoying you with "are you sure" dialog boxes! if you want to upgrade, go to Windows 7; that one addresses shortcoming of Vista!
  3. Please do follow Brendon's suggestion. Based on the idea of my crystal ball, I'd offer to restart the PC first, do not start any other applications, create .ISO file instead of writing directly to disc, and do not touch the PC if not really necessary. Chances are resources on your Vista PC are pretty much maxed out, and more often than not application do not realize requested resources will not be provided by the operating system and sit and wait... What you also can do is start the Windows Resource Monitor ("%windir%\system32\perfmon.exe /res") or using Control Panel ("Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools\Advanced Tools"). Then in the CPU section of the Resource Monitor right click on the Task of the Roxio application, select Analyze Wait Chain to find some clues (e.g., display of "Waiting on Task"...). Then kindly report back. Here I am adding an example:
  4. jmhoraze

    Verify Disk

    ... aside testing the disc with a compatible player, I'd copy the contents of the disc to harddrive to ensure the disc does not have any bad spots causing, say CRC or unreadable errors.
  5. To further clarify, per Microsoft.com website: Support for Windows Vista without any service packs will end on April 13, 2010. Support for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) will end on July 13, 2010. Note: There's no SP3 for the 64-bit version of Windows XP. If you’re running the 64-bit version of Windows XP with SP2, you have the latest service pack and will continue to be eligible for support and receive updates until April 8, 2014. So, if you do not want to upgrade to Windows 7, get SP2 for Windows Vista or SP3 for Windows XP [32 bit], respectively.
  6. Support for Windows XP with SP2 and Windows Vista Ends July 13, 2010 Just passing the info along; further information see Microsoft.com.
  7. jmhoraze

    .flv to .wmv conversion

    Real player comes to mind (right-click on the movie & select download; use IE as Firefox as too often new updates rendering such plugins unusable!); it will not work though, when the video clip has been marked as copy protected.
  8. jmhoraze

    reduce file size

    This is a feature within Windows since quite some time (no need to have Roxio replicate that! ;-)) Click on the pictures in questions, then right-click, select Send_To..Email_Recipient; then you will see a dialog box where you can choose to send pictures in original size or smaller. Hope this helps.
  9. jmhoraze

    R6025 Error

    ... only containing "DivX\", but not "SharedCom\" underneath.
  10. jmhoraze

    burnning from VHS to DVD

    each VHS tape has a serial number and that has to correspond to the calendar day when copying! Ok, I'll may eventually, perhaps, under certain conditions, if asked nicely take it back... You will have problems with commercial video tapes encoded with Macrovision as copy protection.
  11. jmhoraze

    DMA Scheduler Error at PC Startup

    could be some Spyware/Virus/Malware causing this behaviour... check you system.
  12. jmhoraze

    R6025 Error

    you are running Roxio 9 (v.9) not Roxio 2009 (v.11); what is your operating system?
  13. jmhoraze

    4:3 vs. 16:9 video formats

    As you can now get the old animated Disney movies on Blu-Ray, they added extra (static) landscapes to the left and to the right of the original movie to fill the gap, say, some trees while Snow White was walking in the forest, etc. Need some getting used to...
  14. jmhoraze

    creator 2009

    So why did you buy Roxio Creator 2009 when it is already about 2 years old, and the more recent Roxio Creator 2010 is out? And why didn't you shop around and get the Roxio Creator 2009 for about $45 or less? And why wouldn't the program run? Have you verified the system requirements listed on the box to match the system you have tried to install the application to? Any error messages you could share so that we can pin-point the problem? Oh, and last but not least: it is spelled "disgusted" (with a 'g'). So many questions... Hope it helps.
  15. Hi Joel, Thank you so much for your update. Again, I never used that Roxio tool — generally, I find better ones developed by dedicated and highly professional folks elsewhere. In your case, could very well be that some elderly registry entries stored values such as, say, "do not show me this dialog box again", and links to different and meanwhile outdated hooks inside the Windows Kernel... I found these (Freeware) tools very valuable and they work on XP/Vista/Windows 7 both x86 and 64 bit: Pismo Technic's Pismo File Mount Audit Package and MagicISO, Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Thank you again!
  16. jmhoraze

    runtime error

    you can have an on (mother) board graphics chip or a separate graphics card installed; good source to find out is the owner's manual of your PC; you can also open your PC (or look very closely at the backside of your PC) to see whether a feature card is installed and where your graphics card monitor connector is located, i.e., on the upper area close to mouse and keyboard connectors, or rather lower where you will see the space holders for the PC feature cards. I am now not sure (taking into account the various emails) what you actually now have installed on your system? The ATI Radeon™ HD 4850 - GPU definitely would have the horse power, supporting DirectX 10.1, BlueRay playback and sporting HDMI interfaces. Check for most recent ATI graphics driver though.
  17. jmhoraze

    runtime error

    In addition to Bruce's comments; I think he is right on the money, your graphics card appears to be dying. (And the graphics drivers are using the older C++ libraries.) Do not use the SDK version, and use the more recent DirectX library. I had the case of such dying graphics card where at first I could not load Windows XP Media Center on my PC, Windows XP Pro was still working (dual-boot). But few weeks later Window XP would crash and not load again — and that occurred whenever I ran an application that intensively used the graphics card. Eventually, then just "wiggling" an window would get me a blue screen! But do not leave out diagnostics of your memory and CPU. I suggest to install a new graphics card and see if that helped. Thank you.
  18. jmhoraze

    ripping DVD video

    just import die VOB folders directly from the hard drive (where you had copied the DVD folders to) to VideoWave; i.e., no Capture; I assume, of course, the DVD does have any sound to start with...
  19. ... aside the silent majority of users who also don't have problems, of course!
  20. jmhoraze

    ripping DVD video

    Have you tried copy the contents of your DVD to hard drive, then use them in VideoWave? (No need to Capture.) It appears trying to capture from DVD is not a reliable thing...
  21. jmhoraze

    ripping DVD video

    ... and in this case it does not have the Copy Protection or Content Scrambling; the term "commercial" DVD could be a wee bit misleading, and would get the MPAA send off layers... So let's put focus on the Audio portion: what methods were you using? What applications? Then we'll start from there. Thanks.
  22. jmhoraze

    Creator 2009 will not install

    Glad to hear it worked out! A bad spot can be caused through manufacturing defect, some glue residue from the paper envelop, a scratch, dirt, etc. Thank you for the update!
  23. jmhoraze

    runtime error

    This is an error that can occur when you create a project (here, to compile a program) and the Manifest had not been declared (e.g., where to find DLL, resources, and such). I have seen this error, say, when running Winword. This error is related to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / .NET 2.0. As you have tried to reinstall your "new program", and as Roxio Creator 2009 is using a newer library (i.e., .NET 3.5) I am wondering what Roxio software you refer to??? You may want to update your Windows system with latest WindowsUpdates and ensure your system is free from any Virus and Mal and Spyware! Also, cleanup your "%TMP%" directory. Hope this helps.
  24. Daithi, I hear you — nevertheless, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on my schleptop and x64 on my (home built) desktop system since the RTM version came out in August/September, and had and have no problems with Roxio Creator 2009 SE. (Along with other software not specifically qualified with Windows 7.) BTW, Microsoft was doing their best to ensure that software running in Windows Vista (version 6.0) would also run in Windows 7 (version 6.1); though they admit having closed a few loop-holes here and there... Thank you.
  25. jmhoraze

    unretrievable file

    It may often turn out that, even though you ended an application, that very program may be still seen in the Task list; i.e., the Process did not really come to end. You also mentioned the file was encrypted (through Word Protect Document?), then there can be the case the content had not been correctly stored on disk at that time. There are tools available to more thoroughly scan media to restore files even with parity errors and the like. I suggest just to Google around. I found for instance this one; but there are many more!