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  1. I have exactly that situation...support has been useless..even worse now...I have had success with Firefox and by downloading flash from adobe...

    1. Niagara


      Roxio has given up on Photoshow...tey ruined it and now they are abondoning us...I have been a member since 2008...before that when photoshow was photoshow...I was wanting to put my shows to DVD as well...I don't see how...I have 70 shows+ I am worried that they will leave us one day losing all my shows...now the support phone doesn't even work...Corel ought to be ashamed...they used to be a cool Company

  2. bobbiaz7

    adobe flash player

    trying to play my photoshows on my windows 10 laptop. it says must install flash player first. Go to install flash player and it says its already built in to windows 10.
  3. bobbiaz7

    Only The Audio Is Burning To Dvd

    I am having the same trouble when burning a disc or exporting as a movie on Photoshow results show no pictures. I have tried to export movie and put on a flash drive...still only audio I am using windows 7 and have used this program for over 8 years with no problem
  4. bobbiaz7

    Uploading photos in order

    My is doing the same thing...good luck...doesn't make sense all one folder, all one photo shoot on one day even
  5. thanks for the info it still doesn't work says failed to burn
  6. bobbiaz7

    PhotoShow 5 failed to burn DVD

    I am having the same trouble with windows XP re: failed to burn also getting... error code :404 not found http://content.photoshow.com/-psp-assets/themes/0 Jason at tech support told me umsistall and reinstall did all that and lost Creator 10 which I reinstalled ...feel like I am a slow slope to he_ _
  7. I tried it on photo show 5 and it said failed to burn
  8. I bought the roxio online premium service and photoshow 5 can not figure out how to burn a disc myself...supposed to be able to with the premium service...only see where to order at a ridiculous price....I also have Roxio creator 10...already have a slideshow that I made for son's anniversary that I need to burn