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  1. I have Roxio Creator NXT Pro 4 and I have successfully used Videowave to produce a slide show video on DVD completing the task with MYDVD. I now want to create a second such video. My system is Windows 10 and was for the first job. Now when I start Videowave, after selecting either my first job or "create a new production" I get the message "Videowave has stopped working". I have looked for solutions on here and have tried disabling my anti-virus and doing a "repair" from the installation procedure but the problem remains. I use ESET anti-virus and temporarily disabled that but I have since thought that windows 10 also insists on windows defender running and it does not seem possible to temporarily stop that as the selection is greyed out. Can any one suggest what I can do to resolve this please? Many thanks, Ian
  2. OK, I've de-installed using the Revo utility as suggested and re-installed and eventually it has worked. I say eventually because I had a different problem when I received the message "It is not possible to dock the media Selector at the current display resolution" on startup of videowave. I searched about this message and found another person who had altered their display settings and then altered them back again thus overcoming the problem. I did the same and I have videowave working again. I was impressed with the Revo utility so thanks for your help with my problem. I suppose we are left a little unsure what caused it in the first place, but if it happens again, I have a way back. Thanks again, Ian
  3. OK thanks again. I'll just re-install NXT 4 Pro. I shall be away for a few days so will let you know when I get it done.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have an update version of Roxio NXT 4 Pro installed on top of Roxio 2012. Would you recommend uninstalling and re-installing both products or just NXT4 Pro please?
  5. IanRP

    Usability Question Using Nxt4

    Hi, I have just started using NXT 4 Pro and I also was confused about the removal of the link from VIDEOWAVE to MYDVD. Despite the help video indicating a MYDVD option from the Output command which seems to have been removed I eventually discovered that the output from VIDEOWAVE (*.mpg file) can be slid across into one of the panels in MYDVD thus achieving the same effect. I also wanted to replace the audio track in MYDVD with my own track and the background picture both of which I was pleased to see I could still do. However in my 2012 version of Roxio I had been able to alter the length of time that the audio track plays for up to a built in maximum. When I contacted support about this they replied that they had tried to make MYDVD less complex and more user friendly. I have a possible suggestion to make it more user friendly than it is, by changing the length of the audio track automatically to the length of the user selected replacement track, if necessary, again up to a built in and published maximum.
  6. I have created a photo slideshow with audo and now want to write it to DVD with a "play" menu but i connot see any way to get to MYDVD which was pretty obvious in the 2012 version. Can anyone help please?

  7. Many thanks firehancer! After several frustrating days trying to install the ultimate edition and repeatedly trying "clean install procedures" and spending money on the phone line to no avail, failing to set up a ticket (got a procedure error indicating my ID had not been appended despite being logged on at the time, I was on the point of sending the product back!!! Then I went onto the forum and found your suggestion of copy the install disc to the desktop and installing from there. It worked a treat. I wonder why but who cares! For information I had no previous Roxio or Sonic products and installed on Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1. So here's to you firehancer! By the way it is a pity that USA clients get 90 days free phone support but we don't in the UK!