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    Compressor To Toast To Blu-ray

    On another note, I just purchase my upgrade for Adobe CS4 and their Media Encoder and Encore are incredible. Took my QuickTime saved as Current Settings for a DVCPRO HD 720p30 project into Media Encoder and transcoded for H.264 HDTV 720p. Took that into Encore and after 5 minutes I was burning direct from Encore. Perfect images. All this the first time through. No trial and error, plus you can author in Encore as you can for a SD DVD. Toast still offers a great solution to get FCP timelines to Blu-ray, but it's limited as it's not an authoring tool. Encore is proving that Adobe is leaps ahead of Apple for Blu-ray. Amazing!
  2. edpvideo

    Compressor To Toast To Blu-ray

    I have recently had success burning a Blu-ray disc of FCP produced video from Toast 9 after a ton of trial and error. I did not use Compressor. I did try it though. I created a new MPEG 2 setting in Compressor and chose Blu-ray as the stream usage to create a transport stream. Toast did burn the Blu-ray after reencoding, despite my telling it to never reencode. But here is what did work. I was told by Toast Support that MPEG-4 AVC or H.264 AVC is best to save as from FCP. Don't know about the AVC because there is not such setting upon exporting using QuickTime Conversion in FCP. But I did plenty of tests with MPEG4 and H.264 QuickTimes from FCP. I have discovered that the root of all my problems is somehow tied to my using DVCPRO HD 720p in FCP. That native resolution is 960 x 720, not 1280 x 720. If I exported my timeline using current settings the resulting Quicktime file opens in Quicktime and reports a size of 1280 x 720. However, when taken into Toast, it reports it is 960 x 720. When trying to create a Blu-ray in toast from that file it either crashes at 97% with error -39 or it burns a disc that looks terrible (choppy playback or artifacts). My success came when I luckily (accidentally) choose the export size of HD 1440 x 1080 16:9 within the Export-Movie Settings from FCP. Toast still reencoded it, even though I check never reencode. But the Blu-ray disc it created looks as good as my FCP timeline when played on my 56" DLP. So for now, this works for me and I'll stick to it.
  3. edpvideo

    Blu-ray Problem

    Having the same file 0001.m2ts could not be accessed (Data fork, -39) error. Has there been any response from Roxio? Like many others I also bought their Blu-ray plugin do burn Blu-ray out of FCP and it doesn't work as advertised. VERY frustrating.