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    Making A Cd Or Dvd From An Audible.com Book?

    With Audible, you can burn to a CD or CD-RW to listen to. You can do this in itunes with software from Audible or through the Download Manager from Audible. With Audible, you can also transfer your audiobook to an ipod through itunes or through an ipod/ipad, kindle or such or smartphone or tablet or computer, listen via the audible app. Any of these ways will make it so you can listen to these on your own or with your grandmother present.
  2. FOUND THE PROBLEM... AFTER LONG TRIAL! I found that my SDD from Crucial was faulty and thus, Roxio Burn would lose the controller connection to the hard drive. Crucial did acknowledge this as a defective drive and has since replaced the drive and I've had No problems, except with AnyDVD. With Anydvd, I cannot erase a rewritable disk or burn a disk in several different bluray and DVD writers I've tried. I know this is a bug with anydvd hd which I'm using. After closing anydvd hd, the burning and rewriting work perfect IF I RESTART ROXIO AFTER SHUTTING ANYDVD HD DOWN! Hope this helps anyone out there!
  3. Well, sorry. The new drive did not solve the problem. After burning several disks, the power calibration error is back. It now is found on 4 different DVD and bluray burners. I reinstalled Windows 8 64 bit and with no other programs installed, then I installed Roxio NXT. The power calibration error came up again. I'm now using Nero 12 with no problems. I fear this is the end of the road for me and NXT Pro. I don't want to buy NXT 2 Pro because I'm afraid the problem will continue. I love Roxio's GUI so much. Hate Nero's GUI. But, I'm out of options.
  4. After 1 month of working, I figured out the problem. The statistics say this can't happen, but it did. Normally with this kind of error, you should try different media, blow out your drive with compressed air, all of which I did to no avail. Then, after doing everything, I replaced the bluray burner drive. Originally, I had a Plextor that showed this power calibration error. then, I bought a new drive and got the same error. I even tried replacing the SATA cable and a different SATA connector on the motherboard. In the end, I thought having a newer drive prevented me from the same problem. But it didn't. When I replaced the burner, the error never showed. It was a bad Bluray burner. And though it sometimes burned fine with one program or another, the drive must have been dying. Too bad drives can't tell you when they are dying some other way like being SMART capable, but they can't. So, a new burner fixed the problem. I think this is significant. So, with 2 drives with calibration errors (what's the chance of that?), I found out both my old and several month old drive were both bad and a new drive fixed the calibration error problem. Roxio NXT is NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT the problem. So glad to be back burning again! thanks for all who helped.
  5. By the way, Nero 12 works fine for burning also. Power2Go also works fine. I don't understand why Roxio NXT Pro fails to burn very same disks. I think its probably a bug of some kind. So, all in all, we tried multiple brands of Disks, and in the end, Imgburn, Nero 12, and Power2Go all will burn Data Disks, but this type of error continues on Roxio NXT Pro. And, uninstalling and reinstalling Roxio NXT Pro does not help. I hope someone, sometime discovers a fix. As for now, my Roxio NXT Pro is sidelined for burning Data Disks. Though I love it for Several other things, it is too unreliable for serious Data archiving for me anyway.
  6. then, you don't feel we can solve the problem, I guess. Didn't get your point at the time, thought we were diagnosing. Sorry.
  7. Uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio NXT Pro completely is what I meant to say in previous post.
  8. Uninstalled and reinstalled, and same error occurs at same time, with the same lagginess as listed above. I still haven't installed AnyDVD yet, so no part of it has been running during reinstallation or post-installation. Do you know where I might go to solve this? Imgburn still works fine, burning an ISO file works fine on both drives.
  9. Same error comes us px.dll error as before. it comes immediately when you set it to burn.. then the DVD door pops open and it wants you to insert another disk... doesn't matter what I do, it repeats. AnyDVD was removed completely, anydvd.sys was not in drivers as I checked after removing. Restarted computer, same error. Got another idea? Thanks for the help, by the way. Dave by the way, I'm running Win 8 64 bit with a 2700K processor, 8 gig ram an NVidia 570GTX, a Bluray burner (2 months old, but prevfious drive did the same error which is why I got the new one ) and DVD burner. The error comes in either drive. But get this. It will now burn a disk image I just made with Roxio, but not burn without that error on the regular Data Burn. Also, if it helps, when typing to name the disk I am to burn on the Burn Data Menu, it types slowly, as if something is hanging up or interfering. And, the same thing happens when I'm choosing video to edit in advanced video edit.... it hangs, and often will time out and lock up and Windows will tell me to close the program and it wants to contact Microsoft with the problem with the program. I don't know if its anything, but nothing on my computer hangs, so its just unusual. Any other ideas?
  10. With imgburn, the disk burned beautifully. The same disk that Roxio wouldn't burn and had the above error. I can't understand why you might think this is a physical disk error. I feel clueless, sorry if I don't get it. But again, the very disk that Roxio wouldn't burn and came up with error, Imgburn burned beautifully and even verified and I used the files.... and they worked perfectly. What do we do next?
  11. Tried verbatim disks and they too have same error. 3 different types. So digital guru who said it was the disks is obviously incorrect. I can burn using the Roxio Burn, but sometimes they are bad, even though they say they aren't, or they'll stop inbetween. Had same problem 3 months ago and did a complete win 8 clean install. worked for a while, then Roxio did the same thing. trying imgburn
  12. trying Verbatim disks today, but I'm betting the same error occurs as on the other 2 brands I've tried.
  13. Almost (but not quite) always when I am copying a DVD using NXT the program stops halfway through the process and delivers the message "There was a problem writing to the disc". This happens whether or not I have saved an image of the file first. The failed discs are all brand new. The DVDs to be copied have no protection, usually doc files or music file backups, sometimes mp4 files but none with DRM. The detailed error message this latest time was: The following is the error message I get every time.... It occurs within seconds of starting the burn process in Data Burn. if it doesn't come up, which is very rare, the disk usually doesn't burn right. I haven't burned a good disk in more than 2 months using Data Burn. Sense: 03 ASC: 73 AS CQ: 03 (Command 2A) Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: 1.02.88c PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: pxwma.dll 1, 0, 0, 3
  14. I Tried TDK, since a family member had them, and that didn't work either. All are DVD +R DL. Will try more.
  15. I will try verbatim and let you know what happens. I thought for sure it wasn't the disks, but I'll try again. Appreciate your suggestions and beliefs this will work. Thanks.