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  1. I have the same problem with the camcorder, so obviously the Roxio USB Capture device is the problem. Is anybody aware of a better device of this nature that does not break the bank? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the input. Actually I am using a combo DVD/VCR machine, which works fine with a TV, but just to be sure I will try it with a camcorder.
  3. Bought this device from Roxio about six months ago. It worked fine until today. I use it to convert VHS analog video to digital. I use Creator 2010. Today when I attempted to capture video, using Creator 2010 software, I was able to get sound but no video. Just black where the picture should be. I checked all connections, as well as the wires running from the VCR to the USB capture device and they all work, as does the VCR using those same wires and connecting them to a TV. Problem exists with both RCA and SVHS cables, except with the SVHS instead of a totally black picture, I get some grey wavy lines dancing on the screen. So, I think I have narrowed it down to the Roxio capture device. Also, when attempting to capture with creator 2010, the software recognizes the device but informs me in red letters that there is no signal. (although as I said it is picking up the audio) Before I buy another one, or as is more likely, look for a different solution, I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions. Are these things really that fragile? Thanks for any input.
  4. fhendo

    Realigning Video

    I have some video that was shot vertically by a novice video shooter. I am pretty sure I can realign it to horizontal in Creator 2010, but can't figure how to do it. Any suggestions? thanks
  5. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    OK, I got it. Thanks to all for your help, sorry for being so dense.
  6. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    I appreciate the help Bruce, but I am still having trouble. First I Clicked on computer/OS©/swsetup/properties. The tabs were "General/Sharing/Security/Previous Versions/Customize. Next I tried Computer/OS©/Windows/Setup/properties. The tabs there were the same as above. There was nothing remotely resembling "compatibility" at either of those places. Nor did the individual tabs I have mentioned have any options that had anything to do with compatibility. Now I am really confused.
  7. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    I am lost. The first attempt to install ran to a point before it failed. Here is what happens now if I try again to install Creator 2010. First I get a box giving me the option to run setup.exe After clicking that option I get the box asking if I want to let the following program make changes to my computer. I click "yes." The next box says "Please wait while setup loads. This could take a few minutes." After 2-3 seconds the error message appears saying "setup has determined that your configuration does not support....." That is it. At no point does a right click have any effect. I had no trouble installing on my old Sony Vaio, and after I was unable to install on my HP, I tried to install on another Windows 7 Compaq computer that I have. That install was successful. But that is not the computer that I want to use for my video activities. It is far less powerful than the HP. So if I could only figure out what you guys are asking me to do, I would love to try and do it, but I am not being given any opportunity to "right click on the setup package and choose properties." What am I missing?
  8. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    I cannot access it. I get an immediate error message.
  9. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    Thanks Bruce, I think my problem might lie in this area somewhere, but I am somewhat confused as to what to do. The link you provided, as it pertains to Windows 7 says to right click on the setup package and choose "properties." So here is a dumb question. What is the "setup package?" FYI, the first time I tried to install the program it ran to a point and then "failed." Now if I try to install it looks as if it is about to run and then after about 2 seconds the error message pops up. In any event nothing responds to a right click. Am I missing something regarding the "setup package?" I appreciate your help.
  10. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    Thanks, that should solve the problem. Now I have a new problem. Just tried to install Creator 2010 Pro on my new computer and I get the following error message; "Setup has determined that your configuration does not support any of the included products." What's with that? My computer is an HPE-500z, AMD Athlon X4 640 quad core (3.0 GHz)1.5 TB hard drive. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. fhendo

    Capturing Vhs Video

    My 7 year old Sony Vaio recently crashed. That computer featured Sony's "Giga Pocket" which allowed for the capture of VHS video. I now have an HP 500Z which is considered an "elite" computer by HP. As elite as it may be, there is no way to capture vhs. I have seen various VHS to digital USB transfer devices, but most seem to generate complaints from purchasers regarding the video quality of the capture. I had thought such a device that I had received from Roxio a while back (Dazzle from Avid)would do the trick. I think this was supplied with EMC 9 several years ago. Apparently, however this device is not compatible with Windows 7. I also seem to recall that I was supposed to get such a device included with my order when I purchased Creator 2010 Pro, but I never did, and did not care much at the time since I did not need it. So my question is how do I go about capturing VHS? I see Roxio has a VHS to DVD product that includes USB capturing hardware. Is that my solution? My objective is to capture my VHS videos and edit them in Creator 10 as opposed to simply transferring them to DVD. Does "VHS to DVD" allow for this? Put another way, could I simply use the supplied capture hardware to capture the vhs in Creator 10 and work with it there? Thanks in advance.
  12. fhendo

    No Sound For Some Videos

    Worked like a charm. Thanks so much. Have a great holiday. Thanks
  13. I'm a long time Creator user and recently upgraded from Creator 9 to 2010. Not long ago I purchased a JVC FM1BU which is one of those Flip type pocket video recorders. The videos from this recorder play fine on my computer in WMP or Real Player, but when I load them into Videowave there is no sound and the video plays slowly with frequent pauses. Vid clips from other sources play fine, and if I mix clips in Videowave from my camcorder and the FM1, the camcorder clips play as they should, but the FM1 clips do not. I have a Sony Vaio with a Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM. At first I thought the "high def" clips from the FM1 were simply overpowering my 5 year old computer, but the problem continued even when I reset the FM1 to standard video. Still no sound and erratic video playback. I also tried it in Creator 9 and got the same results. The sound track is "visible" on the "native audio track" but not audible. If I try to edit native audio, I still get silence. I also went as far as burning a clip to an image (iso) file to see if the sound played back once rendered. I had sound for the Title Menu, but silence when playing the clip. Does anybody have any ideas as to what the problem is?
  14. fhendo

    Problem Burning an Image File to disc

    The DL project I created previously (in EMC8) played fine on my set top DVD players, but did not play in all of my DVD computer drives. That one played in one other drive than the one I burned it on. The one I did in 9 plays nowhere but in the drive that I used to burn it. I am going to reinstall 8 and see if it burns these files. When I started this thread, I was worried that I was not going to be able to burn to disc a project I had worked on for months. Now, since I know I can burn the EP version, I am merely looking for optimum picture quality. That seems to be another difference with 9--there is no "best quality" option. The choices are "Fit to disc," which I would think would provide the highest possible quality for the disc being used, but which I found does not even actually fit the project to the disc. If I select "fit to disc" with the image file that I created for the DL disc, it tells me that the project is over by 1 min 50 seconds--and it will not burn it. The best quality option is is High Quality, which is too large for a DL DVD(again with my project) followed by SP--which leaves 40 minutes worth remaining on my DL DVD--why does My DVD not provide the best quality option between SP and the limit imposed by the disc? The next option down is LP which will fit (for my project) on a standard disc (SP will not), and finally ELP the lowest quality. But as far as I can see there is no just get the best quality burn between any of those options. No SP and a half so to speak. It is either SP or HQ. Fit to Disc should be that in between option--but it is not.
  15. fhendo

    Problem Burning an Image File to disc

    The ISO file is complete Bruce. I can play it in its entirety as an image file on my computer. Also I can now report that the my attempt to burn the same production to a DL disc directly--without burning an image file first- sort of worked. The catch is that the resulting DVD only plays on the drive in which it was burned. It will not play on either of my DVD players or in any of my other computer DVD drives. Not sure if Roxio DMSM and DMSD files are backward compatible, but I am going to reinstall EMC 8 later and see if I have better luck with that. May even try EMC 7, but can't remember if that is DL capable. Also, the same exact production saved as a lower quality ISO file (but still over 2 hours) burns fine and plays on all of my drives and dvd players. My problems come with the attemt to burn to DL media--which I never tried before now in EMC9, but had done sucessfully in EMC8 with other productions. That is tha first good thing I have had to say about 8.