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    Photoshow Database Lost!

    Windows XP No special instructions except check the box that says to keep your photoshows in tact. I did that. I cant get the program to reinstall to even work with new pix. And the last answer is no, the pictures were loaded in photoshow exclusively. any suggestions?
  2. guineverenj

    Photoshow Database Lost!

    All of a sudden my computer reads "The Photoshow Deluxe image database could not be found for this user. Please quit and run the deluxe installer." Next alert box says btn1. Help, I have lost all of my shows, pictures, etc. not to mention I am frustrated as heck since I have spent several hours chatting with the people at Comcast and Simple Star. They have advised me to uninstall and reinstall, which I have done numerous times but no success. I went onto a comcast forum and saw this question has been asked before but no replies. Please someone help. Thanks.