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  1. Thanks for your input...it plays on my computer fine, but I need to have a dvd that can play on someone's regular dvd players & this one won't...we've tried 3 different dvd players so far & none of them will play it. I right clicked & it says TYPE: Windows Media Video File size 1.34MB
  2. I exported 4 photoshows as .wmv onto a flash drive (took 16+ hours) & have gone to 2 places to try to make a dvd that will play on most dvd players & not just on computers. a seemingly knowing Kinkos person says the photoshow is now in data mode, which only works on computers, and I need to have it converted to video mode to work on dvd players for showing on TV screens. I was unable to get the photoshows to burn...it would always error out 404, etc. so that's why I did the export feature, just so I could get the shows off my computer. Please help...I need this to work by Friday.