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    I have had problems since Roxio took over.I Purchased the Roxio product and quite honestly it does not compare.They do not and have not answered my emails yet they seem to get through if it means more income.I have been unable to register my "re-installed" Simple Star" numerous times but I am unable to enter the licence key.I do miss Photoshow 5 but have been using Photodex products for over a year now and they are faultless .I would willingly purchase 5 again if I was convinced that it was not connected to Roxio. I absolutely have no faith in this company resolving issues.After all we bought a product so we should be able to use it.If Chrysler took over Jaguar,would I have to buy a Chrysler to be in a position to drive the Jag?
  2. I was initially with Simple Star (Photoshow 5) which I found brilliant.I changed my computer to a new bigger Dell Inspiron 530 with Vista Home Premium.Thats when I lost Ph 5.Then Roxio took over and I lost all control.So I re-purchase Photoshow (Roxio) thinking it was 5.Not a problem with this "it's good" but does not have some of the features I was used to with 5.Now Roxio offer PH 5 Classic due to popular demand and give me a licence number that still doesn't work.Numerous emails and "nothing".Roxanne doesn't listen and support I think is closed.I am UK based