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    Returning A Purchased Photoshow Dvd

    If they responded as fast as people on these forums I'd consider their customer service extrodinary, LOL! Thanks for the prompt reply!
  2. MrTibbs

    Returning A Purchased Photoshow Dvd

    It's been 3-4 days and I've yet to hear anything back from them. Is that normal when you open up a ticket?
  3. MrTibbs

    Returning A Purchased Photoshow Dvd

    Customer service. I hit Customer service, then photoshow 4 then DVD purchase then refund then came with computer. I then input my info in comments and get a big fat ole ERROR server message. UPDATE: OK I tried on my other PC and it worked ok so it must be my firewall or something.
  4. MrTibbs

    Returning A Purchased Photoshow Dvd

    I'm able to sign in but when I try to create a ticket and hit the enter button I get an ERROR message after typing in the reply.
  5. MrTibbs

    Returning A Purchased Photoshow Dvd

    Still nothing, that link gives me an error every time I fill out the info. It's nearly impossible to get in contact with anyone regarding photoshow. Any person I speak with from Roxio says they don't deal with Photoshow and send me elsewhere for me to hear the same thing from the next. Horrible customer service at it's worst. If you buy a photoshow DVD you better make sure it's what you want because it's impossible to get your money back!!
  6. Does anyone know how to return a purchased Photoshow DVD? I purchased one online through comcast and when I got the DVD it played way too quickly which it didn't do during the preview so I made adjustments. Now I'm looking to return the old one and purchase an updated one. It seems impossible to contact anyone at simplestar who I believe is Roxio now. PLEASE HELP!!!