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    Back Up Disc

    I bought photo show 5 on a cd and downloaded an updated version through live chat to solve a problem. Can I make a backup disc of this new version ( 3020 ). If so how do I do it? My serial key remained the same but was reactivated to install the downloaded version. If not can one purchase a backup disc of this version? Thanks for any help provided.
  2. flan

    Photoshow 5

    After getting with 5 different folks on live chat, I believe the problem is solved. I downloaded version 3020, deleted module.dat in the core library, and they reactivated my original key. I burned 4 DVD's and the program continued to work. I hope this is the long term cure. I bought Photo Show on a disc from Roxio 2 months ago and wonder why this has not been corrected in products that have been sold this late in the game? Without your various posts in this forum I would not have been able to tell the folks at live chat the information that you have provided that led them to have me do what you have suggested. I would not have known where to start. I wish to thank you for all you do to assist us newbie's in resolution to Photo Show problems. I'm sure it is frustrating for you to deal with us and our limited knowledge and computer skills. I canceled my ticket # at the support site so as not to waste someone eles time on this problem. Many thanks!
  3. flan

    Photoshow 5

    I have the same problem and I read the Knowledge Based article that David deRoxio gave the link to. I cannot find any place in Photo Show 5 build #3018 to get an update prompt. I do not have a "D" next to the build number. I re-installed the program from the disc hopeing I had missed the update prompt but nothing there. Did you find a solution to this problem?
  4. flan

    Photoshow 5

    I reloaded Photo Show 5 in an effort to solve a previous post problem ( didn't help ) and all the photo shows with photos that had captions and various other special effects changed theswe captions and effects. Is this what happens when you reload the program? Is there a good way to get them back the way they were of does one start over? Should I have saved these photo somewhere else before reloading? When burning a DVD does Photo Show somehow confirm your Key number somewhere in Vista or through the internet? How long does it typically take to get a reply from customer support? Am I posting these questions in the proper place? As you can tell I'm very new to this with limited skils in this area, any help anyone can provide would be helpful. Thanks
  5. flan

    Photoshow 5

    While trying to burn a DVD in photo show 5 using Vista it requests the activation code and will not accept the code on the software box. It indicates the code is in use. I purchased a DVD add on online and it will not work either. I guessing it is a Vista issue or Photo Show update issue. Can anyone assist me? I filled out a customer service request ticket but no reply as of now. I found a post titled Photo Show To Home Dvd--activation Code Invalid, Photoshow DVD Post #14 that explains the problem and indicates a resolution is available. This resolution is in the form of an automatic update. Does anyone know how to get the automatic udate? Still waiting for a reply on ticket.