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  1. When I'm working with Creator 2009, specifically Back On Track (the backup/restore module), EVERY TIME I restore a file from a backup DVD, the DVD drawer opens up when it's done restoring. Every single time. So, when I want to restore 10 or 20 files, I have to manually (or via the menu) close the drawer, wait 45 seconds for the drive to remount, and then choose the next file. Needless to say, this is very frustrating and a huge waste of time. I've checked all options and cannot find a way to tell the program NOT to open the drawer after each file I restore. Does anyone know how to changes this behavior? Thanks in advance.
  2. I spent almost 10 straight hours working on this one. When C2009 would install, it would begin by working on .NET Framework 3.5 and then after about a minute, it would say it was complete. I viewed the log and it indicated an error installing the Framework. I finally fixed this issue by turning on the "Windows Update" service (9 hours later). Then the install went fine. I certainly hope this helps someone.