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  1. The instructions only indicate import analog using usb, but my computer has s-video for the video import and white audio input for sound. Right now I can't try it because my video card is not working and a new one is on the way. I have been doing sneaker net (walking back and forth from hooking up the camcorder to tv to record to the dvd-recorder and take it to computer.
  2. gliderider

    Vob, Ifo Files In Directory On My Computer

    My Roxio product isn't separate interface. I just get one screen that has icons on left for home, data-copy, video-movies, music-audio,photo, online It appears vertically on left pane of the screen. In the middle is Frequent Tasks in icon form. There is no clue I am going from videowave to MyDVD when I am picking from the icons. I even tried to use the ...run button from windows start button and typed in videowave. Windows could not find it.
  3. gliderider

    Vob, Ifo Files In Directory On My Computer

    I am using Explorer to get the dvd files to directory on the computer. Just simple file transfer. I am using Roxio creator 2009 ultimate. I haven't got many hours in on it yet...the interface is not very helpful. At this I am a newbie. What is videowave? Yes I copied the complete video_ts folder to my hard drive. OK, I tried again and I CAN get to the sub-dir where they are now but I am not sure if I should select all or just ifo and vob or just ifo or just vob. Seems to me it is the vob file that has the actual video on it and the ifo is the menu. Perhaps I need both? It is getting easier and easier. I just selected both (actually all files displayed were vob and ifo) and then a dialog box appeard to show the separate movies and give to choice to select which movies to import. I said all. So I guess I am back in business. Thanks......I am sure I'll be back as I get to next level. For now I just want to get the projects started and separated out into categories. It is all family, holidays, vacations etc and all those precious memories on hi8. Once digital it should be easier when the next 'big thing' comes along.
  4. I used the long way....taking hi8 video through tv to capture to dvd recorder. Took the dvd's to the computer and copied them to directories on hard drive. problem is: it won't let me import the dvd files from a directory that are already on my computer. Is there a work around??java script:add_smilie("","smid_10") Oh yeah....I did try to import from the dvd drive and it worked great. I have been using RW disks so I copied over the dvd once I copied them to computer.
  5. The problem is I don't hear any of the audio when I am using cine magic when I am testing what I've done. I didn't get to the point of saving the work yet. My speakers are onhttp://forums.support.roxio.com/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif