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    Where Is The "save As Disk Image" ?

    In TOAST 10 the selection to save as disk image was plain to see/find in the interface. ScreenShot. In TOAST 11 its not there. Where did you guys hide that choice of saving as a disk image and not burning.
  2. macmidiguy

    Unbelievable Incompetence

    outsourcing, a waste of corporate profits and an excellent decision by those guys in corporate suits to kill sales : are you listing ROXIO ?
  3. macmidiguy

    Dvd+R Versus Dvd-R As Source Disc

    peterguitar, just wanted to say that sorry i missed your question to me however as usual tsantee understood your problem and provided help
  4. macmidiguy

    Toast 11 Please Stop Loading My Itunes Library...

    Thank you for the heads up and guidance. Very much appreciated here Sir.
  5. macmidiguy

    Dvd+R Versus Dvd-R As Source Disc

    Perhaps the source VIDEO_TS folder is corrupted. I use DVDRemaster to " clean " corrupted VIDEO_TS folder. You could also try MPEG Streamclip.
  6. macmidiguy

    Toast 11 Please Stop Loading My Itunes Library...

    Have a look see at this image i attached : It does not matter if i click/select the audio or video tabs in the big window on the left.
  7. When I launch TOAST 11 it takes time out ( spinning wheel of fortune )to load my iTunes Library. I rarely if ever use TOAST ( any version ) to burn songs from my iTunes Library. How do i stop TOAST 11 from loading my iTunes library ?
  8. macmidiguy

    Add Subtitles

    I use Toast to encode avi movie files to be playable in my TV/DVD player ( NTSC ). Some of those avi movie files also have language subtitle files. Can i add subtitle file to an avi file in Toast 11 ? If it can i don't see how it's done.
  9. macmidiguy

    Should I Pal Or Ntsc ?

    Not really only because it's a huge pain in the studio and so have to live with the way it has to be done. At the same time glad that Toast 10 can convert from .avi to VIDO_TS. I have tried using ffmegX but it takes just as long. Although ffmegX can add ready made subtitle files because i don't know how to do that with Toast. Many thanks for the clarification/information tsantee.
  10. macmidiguy

    Should I Pal Or Ntsc ?

    Thanks for sharing that information because i thought i was the only one with the problem/question. The .avi's i download come from my searching for old and new movies using VUZE and so i suspect the majority of those are created in countries where PAL is the standard video format. And so like yourself i wait for Toast to re-encode to NTSC. That's when i farm out that job to a legacy Mac since the process plus burning take a extraordinary long time.
  11. I have an .avi foreign language movie file. Toast 10 converts that .avi to a file playable ( after burning ) in my TV/DVD player. There is also has an English subtitle file an .srt file that i need to embed to fully understand the movie. How do i use Toast to embed the subtitles into the movie file.
  12. macmidiguy

    Should I Pal Or Ntsc ?

    I live in Canada. So then it's NTSC ?
  13. macmidiguy

    Should I Pal Or Ntsc ?

    I have an .avi movie file that plays fine on my Mac. I will be playing this movie using my TV/DVD player but when i dropped it into Toast 10 this message came up: "The TV standard is currently set to NTSC, but all your content is in PAL format. Do you want to write a PAL disc or re-encode all content to NTSC?" The three choices are cancel, reencode to NTSC, Write Pal. We don't want cancel. Do I "Write PAL" ( which is the highlighted choice )? or do I "Reencode to NTSC" ? Not exactly sure what choice to make. Help required please.
  14. macmidiguy

    Toast For Os 9

    Thanks for your interest/reply. I have a registered copy of Toast 4.2 ( yep that old ). Now this iMac has a built in CD optical drive/burner. I read that I can attach my external FireWired LG CD/DVD burner and use Toast to burn to that CD/DVD burner. I've tried this and that but no such luck it just can't "see" the external burner. I am keeping this iMac at OS 9 with no intention to have OS X installed. Any hints how i can get the OS 9 to "see" and use the external FireWire CD/DVD burner ? Thanks.
  15. macmidiguy

    Toast For Os 9

    i have acquired a iMac G3 500MHz ( the blue jelly bean ). I am keeping this machine at OS 9.2 with no intentions of going to OS X with this machine. What ROXIO TOAST will work in OS 9 with the iMac G3?