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  1. I would like to use a video as my backround but can't adjust the length of time that it runs before it loops back to the beginning. I am trying to use a 2 min video that will loop back after the video. Am I asking for too much or am I missing something?
  2. While capturing video from a VCR, the "Video Capture " program does everything it should up until the point when I click "Stop Capture" At this point the program freezes, and I must -end program - to continue. However the video saves @ 2 minutes of the tape, that's all. If I try it MANY times, it occasionnally works correctly. Could I be overworking my system? Roxio sure does use ALOT of resources. Maybe some more RAM? I have 1.5 now. Any thoughts?
  3. After creating a MyDVD the edges are all missing when played back on TV. I understand the TV mode thing but what about the pics that are on the DVD? How can I make them fit to show the WHOLE pic on playback? Thanx in advance. Tim