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  1. I finally got Roxio Creator NXT 7 installed but Roxio Genie was not installed with the rest of the program. When I try to modify the installation it still doesn't install. What can I do to install this product? Pat
  2. patetc

    Roxio Genie Not Installed

    I bought the program from a store. I have also tried reinstalling the entire program but Aftershot wanted my serial number and then said it was invalid, even though it is the number on my disk envelope and also on the Corel website.
  3. patetc

    Roxio Genie Not Installed

    I had so many errors while trying to install Creator that I don't remember them all. I think it mostly said the Creator Could Not Be Installed. I did delete everything Roxio using the registry, searching on Explorer, and everything I could find. When I tried to reinstall the program all I got was a screen giving me the options to modify, repair or uninstall. I tried all three to no avail. Anyway, my screens don't look like yours. I tried reinstalling the entire program but got a message that the serial number for Aftershot was invalid, even though it is the one on the disk envelope and also on the Corel website.
  4. patetc

    Roxio Genie Not Installed

    Here is what my page looks like. Pat
  5. patetc

    Key Used Too Many Times

    I am trying to reinstall Creator but get a notice that the key has been used too many times. I have repeatedly tried to reinstall this program because of computer errors. I wanted to install Roxio Genie under Modify but the whole Creator program was uninstalled and now I can't reinstall it at all.
  6. After burning a dvd and playing it, the sound is very low compared to the sound volume on regular TV programs. Is there a way to increase the sound volume while the dvd is being burned?
  7. I get an error message every time I exit the program. I have installed the latest upgrade. This is the service log: --- Product Roxio Creator Problem Stopped working Date 6/29/2009 9:41 AM Status Report Sent Description Stopped working Problem signature Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: roxiocentralfx.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 48c6a9c5 Problem Signature 04: RcBurnSupport Problem Signature 05: 4.5.3267.36402 Problem Signature 06: 4941e4e4 Problem Signature 07: 134 Problem Signature 08: 21 Problem Signature 09: PSZQOADHX1U5ZAHBHOHGHLDGIY4QIXHX OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 1033 Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 418168431 --- Other than this the program seems to work okay. What is the problem? Pat
  8. patetc

    Error Message upon Exit

    I've tried the clean install but it didn't help. Still get the error. Pat
  9. Is there a chart that compares the features in Creator 2009 Special Edition (available at Walmart), Creator 2009 and Creator 2009 Ultimate? Pat
  10. Although I'm logged in, I can't download the file. Is there someplace else I can go to see it? Pat
  11. I have been using Easy Media Creator 7.0 and am looking to upgrade. Does Creator 2009 have all the same, plus more, features as Easy Media Creator 10? Pat