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  1. Went to Sam's today and tried all my disks. They all worked in a bluray machine. So my old DVD player is indeed the issue. When I mentioned that they didn't work the exact message was "no disc". Thanks to those that replied to my post. Kim
  2. Hi, New to posting, but not to reading. You guys have a lot of great info here. Thanks in advance. Problem - I've burned 5 different dvds and my player won't recognize them. I've used all different brands, and formats (-R and +R). Try 1 - imation dvd-r - 16x speed, 4.7 GB; try 2 - maxell dvd+r - 16x speed, 4.7 GB; try 3 - memorex dvd-r - 16x speed, 4.7 GB; try 4 - sony dvd-r - 16x speed, 4.7 GB; try 5 - imation again dvd-r - 16x speed, 4.7 GB recorded at 4x speed to see if that mattered. I am using MyDVD to create the disks. They run fine through media player on my computer. I created a movie last year and it worked fine, so I'm not sure if I inadvertantly changed some checkbox somewhere to create something that won't work on my dvd player now. I've run tests with putting in a store bought dvd to make sure that something isn't out of whack with my dvd player, then put in the home burned disks, swapping these back and forth, to see if that will trick the player into recognizing the disks. I just bought the sony brand dvds after seeing what people have said about the quality issues of many of the brands sold in big box stores. Short of buying the taiyo yuden brand online, I was hoping that the sony would fix the problem. Alas, it was not to be. I'm running a full version of mydvd 9, which is part of the creator suite on an windows xp gateway. I'm not sure of how to check what my dvd burner brand and specs are. I've researched what some of you have mentioned about the properties screen and am using the following: 4:3 aspect ratio ntsc normalize audio constrain button aspect ratio pre-render menus in preview HQ 720x480 9.0 bitrate interlaced dolby digital ac3 My first couple of burns were set to "fit to disk", which I'm sure was what my dvd from last year was burned at. I didn't change to HQ until after reading some posts in this forum. I also was using the default burn speed of "16x", until the last burn, when I used "4x", hoping to have a better quality burn. As part of my testing I actually created another project from scratch. When I started working on my current project I just opened my "worked like a champ" movie from last year, and deleted the linked movie, inserting the new one. I thought I might have corrupted my project somehow, so anyway, halfway through all the new coaster creation I created a new project, hoping that a step by step process would clean up any problems. I haven't tried the burning to an image file option. I didn't want to learn another part of the suite (can't remember the other program right now that you burn the image to disk). Just me being lazy. I'm pulling in a movie created from photo story 3. The movie is 10 minutes long, in the WMV format. My DVD player is old, around 6 years old. Went to check what type of media it says it will play and they don't even mention the -R or +R designations. Now I know that the disks I burned from my movie last year were +R and -R, because I was making several copies for family members, and I was testing the different ones to make sure which format would work in their dvd players. And I still have one version of each that I am still able to successfully play in my player. But now I'm thinking that maybe the current media is incompatible with my player, what do you guys think? Anyway, I'm hoping that there is some magical screen that has a checkbox that I have inadvertantly missed and that one of you "digital gurus" will bestow your wisdom on me. Is there a checkbox that reads "click here to run on equipment other than a computer" LOL. Thanks, Kim