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  1. Toast 10 fails every time when writing lead out. I have trashed all the preference files and tried 3 different brands of media with the same problem. I can use Apple's built in burning system and everything works fine leading me to believe the problem is directly related to Toast. I have a Mac Pro with a GGW-H20N Blu-ray burner connected to the SATA connector where the 4 th hard drive would be. This setup has worked fine with Apple's burn engine. Any ideas?
  2. hawk256

    Toast Fails Everytime At Writing Lead Out

    Looks like turning off verify data fixed the problem. I guess I don't need it anyway. Thanks for your help.
  3. hawk256

    Ggw-h20l Bug

    I have not seen any updates on this issue since June. I have been waiting on purchasing Toast until the problem is fixed. Does Roxio plan on fixing the issue or are GGW-H20L owners left out in the cold. I would have thought that 4 months would be plenty of time to fix the problem. Can anyone provide any information on if and when there will be a fix? Thanks.
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    Ggw-h20l Bug