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    Popcorn 3 Doesn't Work On My New Aluminium Macbook

    I've tried burning the disk image from Popcorn but it doesn't work either, Popcorn just can't seem to find the drive. I can burn the image using Disk Utility however but it sort of defeats the purpose of buying Popcorn 3 when I can do the same thing in Popcorn 1... I think I'll opt for the refund until they can get this sorted out. Thanks for your help – it was certainly much more helpful than Roxio support!
  2. I've used Popcorn 1 for a while and after trying it on my new aluminium MacBook last week I found it didn't work. I paid £34.99 to upgrade to Popcorn 3 and yet it still doesn't work. The software can compress my video_ts file but then hangs when it is unable to locate the DVD drive. I think this might be because the DVD drive in the new MacBooks is an SATA drive but I'm not sure. Roxio technical help doesn't seem to be able to help me, I'm sure they're not even reading the text in my help ticket. I've requested a refund but now the support team have gone quiet on me and the link in the FAQ regarding how to obtain a refund "www.findmyorder.com" is not valid. Has anyone else experienced DVD burning issues with the new MacBooks? And can anyone tell me how to get a refund? I'm not about to pay £35 for a product which doesn't work... This is a pretty poor show, I will refer this to Trading Standards in the UK if I don't get it either resolved or a refund. Thanks!