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    Did Forum Look Just Change?

    Font a little small for these old eyes. Not too keen on the format either. Oh well, the world moves ahead and one must adapt I guess. Although I have to admit I have less enthusiasm for signing in now. This view gives me a headache.
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    I'm not sure what you are doing but if you are saying you want both of them to play at the same time (as one is a music clip and the other is a vocal clip and you want the vocal to be accompanied by the music), in 7.5 all I do is drag one clip down to the track below. When you play the mix they will both play. Susan
  3. itsme51

    Upgrade To 8, 9, 10

    Sisterscape, thanks!. That's important to know. Susan Brendon, thanks for your input. I certainly don't want to "lose" quality by upgrading. I thought I migiht gain by upgrading. So far, 7.5 is holding its own in the votes!! Thanks. Susan
  4. I currently work with version 7.5 and have had great results and lots of fun. Although I don't have any (well maybe a few) complaints about this version I'm just musing about upgrading. As I become more experienced in creating movies, slideshows, photos, audio projects, etc. I was thinking maybe newer versions would have more and cooler attributes. I am by no means an expert so maybe I don't even need to upgrade ?? I don't care about HD, iphones, camera phones, etc. and all the newest techno stuff. Just want to make creative and artistic DVDs and CDs. What are the pros and cons of 8, 9, 10 over 7.5?? Are the "creative" options in these versions very much improved over 7.5? Or are the improvements more focused on the newest technology of which I own none.
  5. itsme51

    Vocal Eq Mixing

    Does anyone have experience or suggestions on particular settings to use to enhance vocals using the equalizer feature in Sound Editor? I have recorded my singing voice and although it sounds acceptable I would like to enchance somewhat. I tried the preset for voice in the EQ but it was WAY too muddy. I have been experimenting with different settings and as you can imagine, this can go on for hours, days, weeks !! Boost a little here, decrease a little there, etc. etc. etc. Has anyone created a vocal using the EQ and can you share with me your exact settings? I realize your settings might not be acceptable for my situation but it probably be helpful to me to start with setitngs that were successful for someone else other than my trial and error. I might have better luck tweaking your successful mix than tweaking my mix from scratch. Can any of you gurus give me a short course on using the EMC 7.5 EQ? I have researched the internet and found much info and have a basic understanding but it is difficult to apply these techniques to the particular EQ feature that is provided with EMC. Thanks for any and all suggestions. Susan
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    That worked! Thanks !!!
  7. itsme51


    I downloaded music from the internet and it downloaded as an mp4 file. I tried to play it and get a message "Windows cannot open this file. Windows needs to know what program created it." I'm clueless. I am not computer literate enough to solve this problem. My computer will play mp3 or wma or wav. Is there a way I can convert this mp4 to one of those types of files?
  8. "What 3 transitions are you using? Since you used the transitions earlier in the production there seems to be nothing wrong with them. So the problem may be with the way you are using them. Perhaps you could create a test project using one of the problem transitions plus the 2 adjoining video clips or photos. Perhaps the problem is related to the duration of the clips and transitions. You could make a iso file of the test since this should not take as long to generate as the full project." Walt, I tried all your suggestions to no avail. I finally bowed to the vagaries of software/hardware, stopped being stubborn about using these particular transitions in these particular places and gave up !! Although 2 of the 3 problem transitions were absoultely positively fantastically perfect for the places in which I wanted to use them, I'm abandoning my anal penchant for perfection. I have used 3 different transitions in these locations. Although the replacement transitions are not perfect, they are pretty close. And as my son always reminds me, my projects are often applauded in spite of the fact that most viewers are not all that observant as to the intricate web I try to weave among music, lyrics, transitions and photos. Since HE is the person for whom I created this particular project I'm just sorry I could not work as much magic as I would have liked but I'm still quite pleased with the result. EMC 7.5 continues to bring me joy. And so do all of you gurus out there. Thanks for your continued support.
  9. Yes, I am setting up my project in Videowave. I save in Videowave, click Burn, which opens DVD Builder which is where I create the iso. Then I use Disc Copier to burn the iso to the DVD. The 3 transitions are a simple Dissolve, Stretch and To Infinity. Both Dissolve and To Infinity were used earlier in the project and worked but will not work a second time. I only used Stretch one time but it will not play. Working late tonight but tomorrow night when I get home from work I will doublecheck the duration of the photos and the transitions. I will also create a test project as you suggest. Thanks for your help. I'll come back in a couple of days with a report.
  10. Gosh, thanks. I didn't know there was an option to view an iso before burning. Had I known that it would have saved me several DVDs. Oh well, chalk it up as a learning experience. I'll just consider it an additonal cost of this Christmas gift. Anyway, I did preview my iso and discovered that the iso did not play properly. Several transitions that played perfectly fine in the Videowave preview did not appear in the iso. I just got black screens. So, help, what do I do now? An obvious answer might be to use diffrenet transitions but these 3 are soooooooooo perfect as they relate to the frames into which they transition that I don't want to use different ones . Also, I actually did use one of these transitions much earlier in the video and it played fine at that point. So what can I do to repair the iso?
  11. I created a production in Videowave. Previewed it in Videowave. Very cool. Next steps - choose "Burn" in Videowave which opens DVD Builder, create iso in DVD Builder, open Disc Copier to burn DVD from iso. This is my usual procedure. I used the same components I always use - same computer, same burner, same brand of DVD media, played it on same set top DVD player I always use. However, there are several transitions that are not working when I view the DVD. Rather than the transition playing I jsut get a black screen. I have used these transitions in past productions and they always worked fine and they played fine in Videowave preview of my current production just minutes before I created the iso. Thinking maybe I had a defective DVD or a problem with the iso, I recreated the iso several times and burned several DVDs all with the same problem with the same transitions every time. Does anyone have any suggestions of why this is happening and what I need to do to fix it?
  12. itsme51

    Vertical Fading Effect

    Your suggestion sounds as if it pertains to a movie (mpg, avi, etc) but this problem is with a slide show of still photos. So I'm not sure how I would apply your suggestion. Thanks for taking the time to try to help. However, I'm posting back to report I got it to work. I have no idea how. I used trial and error for 2 weeks. Then I finally gave up and posted here for suggestions. A few days ago I opend my production and started a new "trial and error" session. Just fiddled and fiddled and now it works. Go figure. Guess I needed to use trial and error for 2 weeks and 1 day. So now that I have that straightened out . . . I on to post another problem See you in another thread.
  13. On one panel of my current production I have applied the effect called vertical fading. I have used it before with success and unfortunately I do not have the Videowave production or the iso of the previous movie to use as a guideline. I have a car that is on a street facing to the right of the frame. I applied the vertical fading effect. This causes the car to gradually fade out and fade back in and when it fades back in it is facing toward the left of the frame. Great so far. This is exactly what I want to happen. However, just before the frame ends and moves on to the next frame the car quickly turns back and faces in the original direction. Drat. I have adjusted everything that is available to me in the edit effect screen. I have adjudted the In Level, Hold Level, Out Level. I have adjudted the playing point at which the effect starts, begins hold, ends hold, effect ends. I just cannot get it set to stop that car from switching back to its original position. As I mentioned, I have used this effect in other productions and have been successful in having the subject of the frame end facing the opposite direction and it stays there. But I can't remember what settings I used. Does anyone have a clue as to what particular setting I need to change to keep that car from switching back? And if so, could I even hope that someone could tell me the exact point or measurement at which to lock that setting? I am soooooooooooooooo close to getting the effect I want it's making me crazy.
  14. itsme51

    Song Suggestions

    Depending upon how long your video is, remember, you can use msore than one song. I always use several. Shortest video I used 5 songs, longest so far has been 9 pieces. Also keep in mind you don't have to use an entire song. You can trim the music to use just the part that fits your particular photos. Sometimes you don't need the entire song, either because some of the lyrics are not worth keeping or because a particular mood you are trying to illustrate only includes 5 or 10 photos. Just had another thought. To make it more fun, don't use obvious music. Example - I did a video of photos of my son from age 5 to age 30. One of the pieces of music I used for the collection of photos of him playing sports, racing, etc. was Bad to the Bone, by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Not a piece of music one would normally relate to a 5 year old pee wee soccer team but it received great reviews !!