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    Cannot Prevent Dvd Repeat

    This certainly is an odd glitch. I've played the no-menu DVDs in a set-top player and in my computer, and the looping takes place in each.
  2. rjw823

    Cannot Prevent Dvd Repeat

    Thank you. Is it possible to begin a new project in the default way (with menu) and delate any/all menus, which I have found to be a needless encumbrance? I have tried, without success. Bob White
  3. I have now created three DVDs without menus, editing in Videowave and then producing in My DVD. Because each is a composite of many short scenes transferred into digital AVI format, I chose to open each project as DVD, no menu. The results are excellent, with this exception: In each, running a preview -- as with viewing the completed disc after burning -- the video repeats and can only be stopped manually. Help files in both Videowave and My DVD refer to the repeat button as applicable only to a defined panel. And of course the repeat button is not active in the completed production. I will be grateful for advice on how to prevent the automatic repeat. Bob White
  4. rjw823

    Missing Avi Files

    Found it! Thanks, Tom. Bob W.
  5. rjw823

    Missing Avi Files

    As a new user, I have begun creating video projects using AVI files recently transcribed by Digital Transfer Systems, from 16mm movies, into a new portable 320 GB hard drive. Saving as I proceeded, I completed the first project today. Then, to my consternation, I found that one of the two video clips (equivalent to DVDs) in the hard drive has disappeared; the second is still in place. Earlier, each opened in Windows Media Player and played beautifully. I have not tampered with the portable drive. And of course the Videowave project no longer has the many storyline panels I had laboriously arranged in proper order and trimmed. A search on my new HP Vista Home Premium turns up only the second videoclip. The drive shows a folder for each video, with 5 GB in the second (including the video clip) and 975 MB in the first (with no clip). I am at a loss. I will be grateful for any advice. Bob White
  6. rjw823

    Video Workflow Strategy

    This looks extraordinarily helpful. I just installed Creator 10 Suite and have been struggling to understand how to create a video production. So I will look through other posts in the discussion. Many thanks.