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    Tip For Installingtoast11 With Blu-Ray Plugin

    If you keep Toast 10 and try to use both your blu ray plugin will fail . It appears to only work for one or the other even though they are completely separate.... because of this I went back to Toast 10 Pro since I need to burn avchd files and Toast 11 and too many bugs to mention..... this being one of them.
  2. I cant help but LAUGH when I got the newest Toast 11 ad today telling me that "Toast 11 is the best upgrade Roxio has ever done to Toast " - Surfbits What a joke , Toast 11 is so bad that I have gone back to Toast 10 along with many others that have posted here.... If Roxio believes Toast 11 is so fantastic why dont they provide a link to this forum so others can see all the " rave reviews " from real users. Toast 11 is not ready for prime time period. slow burn speeds , pinwheels because of the stupid media browser , 99% fail , - you name it..... FIX Toast 11 and THEN advertise it Roxio !
  3. jhillestad

    Eyetv To Titanium Dvd

    Have you tried setting toast to no NO RE-ENCODING ? I edit my eyetvhd files in eyetv then burn it with toast as is , I do not want toast to re-encode the mpg file... saves time and keeps the video at full quality.
  4. jhillestad

    Burning Avchd M2Ts Files From Hard Drive

    I do this myself , just be sure to TURN OFF re-encoding in the customize section (menu section) of the disc. Toast will then layout your mts files in a avchd format that your blu ray player will understand.. By setting it for NO re-encoding you will retain 100% full quality and a super fast disc will be made.... I do this with eyetvHD programs as well....
  5. jhillestad

    Blu Ray Plugin - How Do I Keep Both 11 And 10 Active?

    Well that stinks...... if I have to choose then I'm sticking with Toast 10...... Why Roxio ? Why ?!?
  6. I have kept Toast 10 on my system as well as Toast 11 , the problem is when I go back and forth it seems the blu ray option gets hosed on one or the other..... At first Toast 10 complainedso I reloaded it and its fine but now Toast 11 is complaining I need it, so the opposite will happen if I use it.... How do I keep BOTH active ? Thanks
  7. jhillestad

    Toast 11.0.1: Much Improved Over 11.0.0

    I use a SONY CX7 camcorder , why should that matter ?
  8. jhillestad

    Why Are The Dvd Menu's 4:3

    There is no camcorder , just a scanner , printer , ipod , elgato turbo . If I click the video tab on Toast it will usually pinwheel..... I just want Toast to come up and be useful as fast as possible , let me worry about finding the material to drop in Toast.... I want the latest filetype support like mpo and 3d avi's like they did in creator 2011 for the pc... I have been updating my Toast products since version 5 and this is becoming ' bloated ' when it starts ' media browsing ' against my will ....
  9. jhillestad

    Why Are The Dvd Menu's 4:3

    Well something is " pinwheeling " every time I go into video mode on Toast .... if not itunes then whatever... I cant stand it ! I want Toast to come up as fast as possible , NO media browser please ! At least let it be an option! This thing is getting bloated like Nero did for the pc years ago.... The roxio video player is slower and cant play avchd mts files worth a darn! the elgato player had zero problems! xbmc has zero problems but the roxio player - problems.... no 3d mpo support like the pc version of toast called creator 2011 ..... this product needs to be unified ! I have to use the pc version to handle mpo's while the mac version gets no love... bummer.... At least I got a later version of FotoMagico for my efforts .....
  10. jhillestad

    Why Are The Dvd Menu's 4:3

    But I dont want the media browser at all - separate or not.... the reason is when you go into the video setting it scans your itunes and it takes forever... I have like 100gb of files.... Toast 11 also remember where you were so if you quit the program at the video setting it goes back there and as usual scans the media and takes forever.... I just dont want it scanning anything at all..... they need to disable this in the preferences setting.
  11. jhillestad

    Why Are The Dvd Menu's 4:3

    Just noticed if I drop a 16x9 video in THEN I get access to the 16x9 menus......... ok BUT not if I drop pics in to make a slideshow....
  12. jhillestad

    Why Are The Dvd Menu's 4:3

    Why are all the dvd menu screens 4:3 ? there seems to be no 16x9 screens...... Just curious.... I also wish the media browser could be completely disabled... everytime I click ' video ' I get pinwheeled while it finds my itunes music.....
  13. jhillestad

    Toast 11.0.1: Much Improved Over 11.0.0

    The Roxio video player is not as good as the elgato one found in popcorn4 ..... my mts (avchd) files stutter on the Roxio player and play like butter on the elgato one.....
  14. jhillestad

    playing MTS files continuously (aka joining) without 'hiccups'

    Look for a program called TSMUXER to join mts files together. Also Turbo 2.64 from elgato will join files too.
  15. jhillestad

    FotoMagico JERKS

    Ya I had to reload fotomagico to get it back. They want like $79 or something for ver. 3 almost as much as I paid for Toast 10 itself ! What steamed me the most was I loaded the program to make a slideshow and the version updater said ' new version ' , etc.... click ok to install , not realizing it was a pay update I clicked yes and got hosed.... I wasted like 20 minutes getting everything back together so I could continue what I started to do..... pay updates should never show up like a normal update , its sneaky and loathsome .