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    New Photoshow

    I've rearranged a folder so all the photos are in the order I want BUT when I download them to a new photoshow they don't stay in that order. They go back to the original order. I've even copied the photos to a new folder & renamed them. Nothing seems to work. I really need to find a new photoshow type software. Since Roxio changed I've had nothing but problems.
  2. CaptainJim

    Re-Arrange Photos

    Is it possible to re-arrange multiple photos at one time? I know how to move one photo but I have about 20 at the end that I need to move near the begining. Thanks.
  3. CaptainJim

    Re-Arrange Photos

    I can't get that to work. I still can only move one at a time.
  4. CaptainJim


    Start playing your video. Then in the lower right corner of your screen there is a link "add to my channel". Click on it & then your set to go. I don't know if you can put a channel in a channel.
  5. CaptainJim

    Old email address

    Some of my contacts have changed their email addresses. How do I get the old ones out of the list?
  6. CaptainJim


    Yes...Thanks Patty....I never got your original reply email. Thanks again.
  7. CaptainJim


    How in the world do you move Photoshows into a channel?
  8. CaptainJim

    Photoshow Premium

    They gave us the MP3 music & took away everything else. Bring back SimpleStar....
  9. CaptainJim


    Let us know what you find. I think we all are looking for something better now that Photoshow is JUNK. Bring back Simple Star !!!
  10. CaptainJim

    The New Photoshow 6

    There are Soooo many fewer options than in version 5 it is UNBELIEVEABLE !!!
  11. CaptainJim

    Email Address

    Roxio Newsletter is going to an old address I had with Simple Star. I've checked everywhere on Roxio and they have my current address so I can't change anything. I don't want to unsubscribe but I almost never check that old address & might even discontinue it. How do I get Roxio to update my info so I get the Newsletter? Thanks.
  12. CaptainJim

    Address Book

    Tried that & for about an hour it said....please wait. Obviously doesn't work.
  13. CaptainJim

    Address Book

    Then why does it say we can import address from places like Gmail & Outlook?