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    Photos Rotating

    I keep rotating my photos and then when I watch the photoshow the pictures aren't rotated? Also some of them are distorted. What can I do? Thanks. mindi
  2. PTN96

    Help Me Get Started

    How long can my photoshow be?
  3. Good evening, I have used photoshow in the past but just downloaded it to my new computer today. I would like to make a slide show with several different songs and groups of pictures. Before I get frustrated can someone help me get started. I have itunes but the songs I have there don't show up when I try to use the custom song tab. Once I make the photoshow can I put it on a DVD that will then play on a "regular DVD player"? Thanks for any help. M
  4. PTN96

    Help Me Get Started

    Okay, I got the CD thing to work for me! Thanks. Is there anyway to put just part of a song on the photoshow. Like I would like the music to start 45 sec into the song and get just a couple of phrases! Thanks.
  5. PTN96

    Help Me Get Started

    Thank you. I will try that!
  6. PTN96

    Help Me Get Started

    Thank you. I think my itunes has the songs saved as MPEG 4's??? So how do I convert those? Thanks. Mindi