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    Why Does Toast Need Access To My Contacts?

    Well, rather than allowing Toast to access my contacts, I created a new user on the Mac with one bogus contact, configured TiVo transfer to auto transfer the files I desired and for Toast to automatically convert from within this new account. I gave Toast access to contacts on this account. I switch back to my normal user and the activity goes on in the background. I also "shared" the folder on my normal account with this new user so that the converted files are saved in my account. Currently there is a whole lot of transferring going on (Though I have a gigabit network, TiVos are so slow in transferring). We will see if I have to change the permissions on the file once the conversions are complete in order for put them in iTunes and watch on the iPhone/iPad.
  2. After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I discovered that Toast 9 requires access to my contacts to function (see my other post). Why is that? Paul
  3. kleeberg

    Permissions Error After Upgrading To Mountain Lion

    It is the new Gatekeeper and Sandboxing issue. Go to System Preferences => Security and Privacy => Privacy => Click on "Contacts" in the left window and on the right shows that Toast Titanium is requesting access to "Contacts." I suppose if I checked the box to give it access, it would fix the problem but the bigger issue is why toes Toast Titanium want access to Contacts?
  4. kleeberg

    Permissions Error After Upgrading To Mountain Lion

    I wonder if this is a "Gatekeeper" and sandboxing issue. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5290?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
  5. kleeberg

    Tivo Transfer Does Not See My Tivos

    TiVo Transfer has worked fine for me since the upgrade but Toast 9 gives me a permission error "couldn't complete the last command because you don't have the required permissions Error Code = -500" I would occasionally have problems with finding the TiVo boxes in past and rebooting the TiVo would frequently fix it. Always seemed random. My "About Tivo Transfer" Indicates v2.0 with a creation date of Oct 6 2009.
  6. Upgraded to mountain lion (MacOS 10.8) yesterday. This morning when I attempt to convert a TiVo file automatically to iPhone format and place it in my "Movies" folder, I get the error "couldn't complete the last command because you don't have the required permissions. Result Code = -5000" Ran Disk Utilities and repaired permissions (none of the minor repairs affected the Movies folder or the Toast) and received the same error. Rebooted. No change. Solutions? Another interesting fact. I have a cron job that starts Tivo Transfer at midnight so the NewsHour is transferred and, when complete, Toast automatically starts. This AM I saw a dialog stating that Toast wanted access to my contacts and wanted to know if I would give it permission. I said "No." Not sure why it would want access to my contacts. That dialog has not reappeared. Was that the culprit? If so, how can I reset it to allow permissions? Why would it want access to my contacts? Paul
  7. Interestingly, 3 months later and the beta posted yesterday loads and crashes on my newly installed 10.6.
  8. kleeberg

    Macos Error Result Code -208

    Tivo Transfer successfully transfers the file (a 60 min HD program), toast 9 starts automatically and I get a dialog saying "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error. Result code =-208" Tried rebooting, retransferring the file, choosing to save the converted file in a different location, in a different format, same result. The toast Video Player plays the original just fine. What are my options? Paul
  9. OK had to restart the TiVo and now the transfer is taking place. TiVo Transfer did lock up the Mac last night - had to force a reboot. Saw it was to blame in the crash log. I also see the odd behavior of TiVi Transfer starting and quitting. Sometimes I have to start it several times before I it will run. As I recall, crash log has shown a Java Script error for these events. Still very frustrating!
  10. I just started having the same problem. Attempt to start a transfer and I get 0 of 8 GB - Waiting and nothing happens. I have also seen partial transfers recently and have had to delete the partially transfered files and re-download in order to get the entire show. Very frustrating. TiVo transfer v 1.2.1, Toast 9.0.4. Intel iMac
  11. kleeberg

    Toast 9 Crashes

    I am having the same problem. Just bought the product Friday. Intel Mac with latest system software attempting to use convert a TiVo file already transferred to the Mac into iPod/iPhone format locks up EVERY TIME after conversion completes (if it completes) Have to force quit. Used to use TiVoDecode manager (shareware) when I had a series 2 TiVo and it used to work flawlessly but now that I have a TiVo HD am forced to use Roxio Toast. I am really disappointed in the product and judging from what I have seen on this forum, am concerned that the support is not up to par. To bad they have a monopoly on the TiVo.