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  1. Thanks for your advice. I had already checked and cleaned the disc as this was my first thought. I tried copying the video_ts folder onto the hard drive, but it still doesn't seem to have worked. I had recorded 11 individual chapters on the camera, but in the video_ts folder which has copied across, there are only 6 files, all with varying file extensions, ranging from .vob to .ifo, although none of these will play. Is there anything else you think might work?
  2. Apologies firstly for the lengthy message. Using my video camera, I recently recorded onto a DVD-RW double-sided disc and am trying to import the videos into Roxio so that I can edit them. However, I am experiencing problems. There is a number of videos, which are divided into various chapters. The videos on one side of the DVD can be imported without any problems, and I do this regularly so I'm sure that it's not to do with how I am trying to import them, but the videos on the other side of the DVD will not import. I fear that there may be a problem with the DVD which could cause the import problems, as when I play it back on my laptop, it plays a couple of seconds of the first chapter, and then pauses, however, if you fast forward for a second past this little bit, the rest of chapter plays normally. The rest of the chapters on this side play without any problems. When importing on Roxio, I select the chapters and choose to import them as WMV files. The progress bar zooms upto 100% in about 2 seconds and says it has completed it, but the files are nowhere to be found on the laptop, so it obviously hasn't done it. If I import them as MPEG files instead, it does import the videos onto my laptop, but when I try to play them back in Windows Media Player, it displays the following message: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file." I have tried importing the chapters other than the first one which pauses during normal playback, but I still get the same result, and now do not know what else to try. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. SarahM

    Video Preview Toolbar

    I checked my settings and they're already set to 96 dpi. I guess my last resort now is to uninstall the software and try reinstalling it again.
  4. SarahM

    Video Preview Toolbar

    Yes, that's what I mean. That toolbar under the screen with the play buttons on has disappeared. The first time I started editing a video, my screen appeared as above with the toolbar and all the play buttons underneath my video. But since then, it has disappeared. I've tried starting a new project and opening a saved project, but it still doesn't appear, there's just a white space. I've looked on all the menus in case I disabled it somehow, but I can't see anything. I do not currently have any way of previewing my video. The only way to see my work is to slowly drag the timeline cursor along, but this is not ideal as it doesn't preview the audio. I will check again when I get home this evening, and will take a screen shot to display how my screen looks. Thanks for your help, I thought I was a lost cause!
  5. SarahM

    Video Preview Toolbar

    I'm not in front of my Roxio programme at the moment, but I'm positive that it was Videowave. At the bottom of the screen, I have Storyline, Timeline, Internal Tracks and my preview window is above these. My screen looks exactly like the example shot on the Roxio front page with the heading 'And the award for best editing goes to...you' - Roxio - except I have a white space under the preview screen where the preview toolbar should be. I don't understand why it would have disappeared as when I uploaded the first video, it worked fine. Then when closing and reopening the saved video in exactly the same way, the toolbar did not appear. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  6. SarahM

    Video Preview Toolbar

    I only recently purchased this and yesterday I uploaded my first video taken on a digital camcorder and started to edit it. I saved it halfway through and closed it down for the day. Then this morning, when I opened the saved video back up, the toolbar underneath the video, which allows you to preview your video so far seemed to have disappeared, even though it was there yesterday. I am still able to edit the video, add text and effects, etc, but I am unable to play the video and see how it looks. Can anyone suggest a way of enabling the preview toolbar and making it appear again. Thanks in advance