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    Pause gaps on CDs

    When burning cds with Toast 9 I have not been able to get the gap time between cuts to be consistent. I usually set the gap time to be 5 seconds between each cut. Almost all of the time it is actually 1 second. Would anyone have an idea about what I could be doing wrong. Thanks very much, RXMan
  2. Thank you very much for the info. I tried it the way you directed and it worked the first try. Thanks for sharing your discovery. Ed D.
  3. I have installed the software as well as the update. I actually captured video and audio from my Super 8 Sony camera using the EZ VHS to DVD. However the audio only showed up in one track even though it was stereo sound. The next day I tried to capture the video and sound again with another tape. This time there was actually NO sound coming into my MAC. I checked to make sure all the sound settings were where they should be and they were. I even unplugged the camera and played the tape through the TV to make sure the tape and the patch cord were both OK. They were. I think the problem is with the Roxio capture device. Do any of you folks have any ideas or any experience with this problem? Please post in response. Thanks, RXman
  4. rxman

    Transfering Lps To Cd Using Toast

    I have just recently purchased my first Mac computer. I also got Toast 9 Titanium to use for transfering my old vinyl recordings to CD. I have used the Roxio product on my old PC. However this is my introduction to Toast and CD Spin Doctor. So far I wouldn't rank these products very high in the ease of use category. Also the written help is either nonexistent (as with Spin Doctor) or just plain abyssmal (as with Toast 9). One thing that is driving me crazy has to do with trimming the beginning and ending of a tune. I have found the way to fade in or out but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to just trim the selection. I could really use some advice from some of you Toast veterans. Thanks in advance, Rxman