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    Casting On J Tv

    Hi bksbullynyc, Thanks for being a fan of Roxio. Please keep in mind that we do respect other companies Terms of Service here on these boards and we try to keep the language clean around here. I have dropped some f-bombs and talk some pretty harsh trash when I play too (once to our then CEO during a game night and he tossed it right back by killing my hard). However, I am interested in how you got live commentary. Can you do this just to VideoWave? If you can, I'd love it if you shared it with the board. Jon
  2. Thanks. I just submitted your address. Jon
  3. Sorry, balancing a lot over here. Can you send me your address for shipment? I'm trying to get you a new device for testing. Jon
  4. jonatsonic

    Why Doesn't Red Show Up At All?

    Hi Buffla Did you just start using Roxio Game Cap with your Xbox or had it worked previously? Jon
  5. jonatsonic

    Roxio Cineplayer® With 3D And Bd

    Hi Coach Wr have been working this all day yesterday and there has been progress made though we are not 100% yet. If you can't get help by Monday morning (we're off for the weekend), let me know. Jon
  6. jonatsonic

    Why Doesn't Red Show Up At All?

    Hi Buffla Try swapping the ends of the cables. Basically, turn your cables around so the end connected to the TV is now connected to the device, and vice versa. A weird suggestion, but has worked for some users. Jon
  7. Thanks, I pass this info along... Jon
  8. I have passed you post to our engineers for review to see if we're missing anything. In the mean time, since I don't know what trouble shooting options you have been suggested, we'll start with the basics. Here's a copy and paste from one of our articles: You are most likely trying to capture a game at a resolution higher than the video game supports. Roxio Game Capture only supports a resolution up to 1080i if the game does. However, most of modern HD games support 720 natively. You can generally see what resolution your game supports on the back of the game's packaging. Here's how to check the TV output settings on your PS3: Make sure Standard Resolution (480i), 480, 720p and 1080i are checked. This will depend on the resolution of your TV supports. For example, if you have a 720 flat screen, you will not be able to capture in 1080i provided your game supports the resolution. Uncheck 1080p. If the original connection from PS3 to TV is through HDMI, it is likely you have this setting checked if you have a more recent HDTV. Stating what game is blurry, it's native resolution, as well as what resolution your TV and PS3 is set at will help a lot. Also, describe how the signal is bad: blurry, flicker, etc. If you have a YouTube video, that would help a lot. Jon
  9. jonatsonic

    Why Do I Need Wegame To Use This Program?

    Hey Everybody, We made PC version of Game Cap with WeGame which is why they are integrated into the program. I'm going to forward this thread and see if I can get any feedback on what you are seeing. Jon
  10. Hi Frustrated Joe, Can you give me your ticket numbers so I can review the agents responses? It's not that I don't believe you, but I plan on sending this up to our management team to determine the next best course of action for you. Sorry for all the confusion. Jon
  11. jonatsonic

    No Video Signal Detected

    Hi Janet I removed your email from our forums. While they are secure, they are still public and do get scraped by Google and other search providers. I will escalate this for you and see if we can get you sorted. In the mean time, the Guru's may have some suggestions for you while you are waiting for a support response. Jon Rocio Customer Care
  12. Hi Vaughn I saw that the agents rejected your request for a new device. I have instructed them to send you a new one. Jon
  13. Hi Vaughn I got a response from the engineers and they have seen this once before, but when they tried to replicate it, they couldn't on their systems. Since this seems to be such an odd circumstance, we're going to send you another device to see if it changes things and to eliminate that from the variables. PM your shipping info with your email and and we'll get one out to you. Jon
  14. Hi Vaughn, I checked with an engineer, and they responded with: Any way he can eliminate the DVI converter temporarily? Just want to know if going through Component and USB (which is what the product offers) is still working or not. Since the user suspects the blackout is caused by roxio device, we need to find out if his unit is working fine with what the product offers (rather than going through the converter for DVI and HDMI). Can you check and see? Thanks, Jon
  15. jonatsonic

    Roxio Game Capture Streams Great!

    Thanks for your support, Jedi! If you should run into customers who have technical issues about the core system that doesn't involved the UStream work aorund you are doing, please have them contact us as this data is really important for us to improve the product. Thanks again for being a Roxio customer! Jon Roxio Customer Care
  16. jonatsonic

    Need Help Dealing With Roxio Support

    Wyo_Willow I have escalated your issue to our support team and we are reviewing your ticket history as well as these threads. We'll be in touch via your webtickets. Jon Roxio Customer Care
  17. Hi Schooled, I responded to you here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/79247-roxio-store-discs/ Since your issue is resolved, I'm closing both posts and will return your PM shortly. Jon
  18. jonatsonic

    Roxio Store Discs?

    Hi Schooled, The physical versions of the discs are not the full retail boxed versions, but branded installers on DVD - for the longevity that you are suggesting. However, even with the retail versions of the discs, some will be manufactured with errors from the media itself or a violent shipment hat damages the disc somehow. In these cases, our support team is usually pretty good with providing replacement discs with proof of purchase. The vast, vast majority of these discs install with out issue. After reviewing your tickets (there seemed to be a few of them), the troubleshooting steps the agents took were correct as not all customers properly maintain their machines or have the level of technical knowledge you may have. There is no way for an agent to know if you are a novice, and computer expert or a novice who knows just enough to think they are a computer expert. I've been doing support for Roxio on all levels for almost 10 years and not only I myself making common mistakes, I've seen extremely knowledgable people (even one or two with PHd's) make them as well. So, no one is immune. Otherwise, we'd be sending repeated new downloads, installers etc when in fact, the machine itself could be corrupt from a family member or have additional software that could be inhibiting the installation. Anyway, there you have it. I'm glad our engineer, Sonic Boom, was online and able to help you resolve this issue and sorry for trouble. I reacted instantly to your situation once I was altered to it by one of our Guru's as did Sonic Boom and I hope that counts for something . Jon
  19. Hey Schooled, It's technically my day off today, so forgive me if I jump in and out of this thread and don't respond as quickly as both of us would like. I'm sorry you're having problems with installing the software. It is 100% compliant and tested with Win 7 64. It's most likely, as alluded to, a problem with the physical installer or something on your system - like anti-virus or some wacky admin rights issue (they happen even to experienced users) - on your machine. Sonic Boom is one of our installer engineers and you couldn't possibly get a better person to look at your issue. However, I will escalate this (I have access to your email via the forums) to our senior agents to make sure you are helped on our support side as well. As for your posts being deleted, I have not deleted any. However, if you carpet bomb the Roxio forums with the same issue, similar complaints, all angry and upset, then it makes sense why other admins would delete them and focus on a single thread. If some some topics have been deleted, I suggest sticking to this thread until we get you taken care of with the install, and then you can start a new topic if have other questions. I'l escalate this thread right now, but in the mean time, relax - everybody here wants to help you out, no one is going to leaving you holding the bag. At the very worst, I'll make sure to refund your money. Jon Roxio Customer Care
  20. Hey Jeff I'll look into your tickets and see what's going on. Sorry it's been a bad experience for you. I'll ping you via PM if I need more info. Jon
  21. These Tutorials were created by one of our users, @VaughnWhiskey. They're really great and huge thanks for making them!
  22. jonatsonic

    Do I Meat Requirements

    Hey Sjs The key is to find out the clock speed of your Turion. Here are the specs for Game Capture: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/game-capture/system-requirements.html Jon
  23. jonatsonic

    Which Consoles Does This Work For?

    You can use it on any system that has the ability to output component video cables. For Xbox and PS3, you will need these adapters: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/game-capture/accessories.html Yes, you can probably get them cheaper elsewhere, but the quality of these are pretty good. As for the audio issue, we have never not acknowledged it. It's been stated in other threads and social mediathat we are aware of the issue and plan on a fix in December. Additionally, we have had an article published on the audio issue here for some time: http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/en_US/Roxio_Article/Distorted-sound-when-using-Game-Capture Jon
  24. jonatsonic

    How Do Ii Install Drivers Via Inf Mode

    Roxio Ross, For the record, the recommendation to install the INF drivers was unfounded and never proven to work. In addition, it modified the Roxio installer that we think it might have created more issues than it solved. Modifying Roxio property and redistributing it without our permission was also a big no no. As for your issue, the Gurus are on the right track and you may want to grab your original installer and do a clean install so we can start from scratch. Be sure that you remove the program and drivers in their entirety and then reinstall with the device plugged in. Also, when you reinstall, be sure that your anti-virus and security software is temporarily disabled. Jon