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  1. Newbe here...and I'm probably in the wrong area. Well, here goes... I haven't used Roxio for awhile and my operating system is Window XP Home and with a recently downloaded Service Pack 3. I wanted to backup some files off my hard drive and Roxio can not find my cd/DVD drive. I've had this program for about a year and have had no problems till now. I downloaded a DriveFixEZinstall.exe but it didn't help, any suggestions??? Thank you in advance. GoodConsumer
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    Roxio Creator & My Dvd 9.0de

    tbrewst: What can I say! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! These forums are the best way of solving problems yet! I downloaded the 'PX Engine' and all my problems went bye bye. cdanteek: The DriveFixEZ_Install.exe was 48KBs and I believe was suppose to find my DVD/CD drive which Roxio couldn't find. I downloaded this file from 'Roxio Service & Support'. It did not do a anything from what I can see. Thanks for your interest and help. Again, thanks guys. GoodConsumer