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    Can Not Log Onto Youtube Through Toast 11

    I can log onto Youtube through a browser with no problem, but when trying to get Toast to do it with the same information I get a error saying that it's a bad something or other. Very frustration to say the least.
  2. Higherterrain

    Uninstalling Toast 10

    Need to uninstall Toast 10, but at the same time I don't want to destroy the Toast 11 installation. Does Roxio have a uninstaller for Toast 10?
  3. Higherterrain

    Link To Update Dmg For Version 11.0.3

    Just looking for a dmg for the update that went from 11.0.2 tp 11.0.3. I've updated it with the patch but would like the dmg as well.
  4. Higherterrain

    Toast 9 Update

    I finally found the problem and am in the process of downloading the update. Thank you all for sharing your information and thoughts.
  5. Higherterrain

    Toast 9 Update

    I've tried support and it's a waste of my time since they keep refereing to the page you did and on FireFox 3.5.7 it does'nt get me to a direct link but keeps sending in a loop.
  6. Higherterrain

    Toast 9 Update

    Sime coustomer support at this company is non-exsistant I'm wondering if any one can post a direct link for the updated for the ipdate from 9.05 to 9.07. Thanks in advance
  7. Higherterrain

    Upgrade To 9.0.4

    I did and it did'nt work. See above for the work around.
  8. Higherterrain

    Upgrade To 9.0.4

    Just tries to upgrade Toast to 9.0.4 from 9.0.2 and not only won't it let me upgrade saying that I do not have sufficient privilege but it has toasted my copy of 9.0.2 of toast. Why the problem? I'm running Leopard on a MacBook Pro 17" with 2 Gigs of Ram and nothing else open. Update:Rather than trying to install all the apps together with the drag and drop on the update I did it individually with each app and never got a insufficient privilege message and have Toast 9.0.4 installed.